Just Best Friends.

Mia Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since they can both remember. But Justin has always secretly liked Mia, but Mia is madly inlove with Isaac Dunn who hates Justin. When Mia tells Justin he starts to get jealous very quickly...


20. 'Run'

Justin's POV

 A loud crash woke me up. It was so quick. I sat up and my eyes were wide open, we were still under our little shelter. It was boiling. I could feel sweat dripping down my body. I looked up, something was shaking our shelter. Suddenly, the twigs and trees come tumbling down. Mia whimpered a little but it didn't hurt.

"They're here." My eyes widened, for second I saw a shadowy figure, then I saw a police officer and beside him was a women police officer. I sat up. Mia was shaking. "Justin Bieber and...Mia Davis, is that correct." He announced. He both nodded. "You're coming with us." He turned around and stormed away. The women crouched  down next to us.

"Don't be frightened." She smiled. "You are not in trouble, we saw a tape. It's all being clarified with a judge."

"Wait. So were going to court?" Mia piped up.

"Yes." She replied as she slowly brought herself to her normal standing position.

"But we haven't done anything." She whined.

"We know, it's all under control. You two just need to get back to your houses and we will go from there." She started to walk away and she turned around. "I'm Sasha by the way, you'll be seeing a lot of me." She carried on walking. "Oh yes, and Phil. That's the man in the car. Chop chop now."

                                                             *       *      *

Mia's POV-

The words were just going through one ear and out the other. Everything was happening so quickly. I didn't understand. Why did it happen, because of Justin's jealousy? I had always had a small crush on Justin, but it physically pained me to think of dating him. Imagine it, were so happy then we break up and he breaks me up inside or, I crush his heart. Our whole friendship over.

"Mia?" My head jerked up. Mum passed me a sandwich and hot chocolate. I always ate my food, I always believed wasting food was rude. But I didn't just eat it, my stomach felt like it needed it. I ate the ham sandwich within seconds and, I drank the hot chocolate all in one. Sky was staring at me in disgust. She's always been judgemental. Mum sat down next to me and put her hand on my thigh, and sighed. I felt so bad, our whole family was going though our hardest time ever because of me.

"We want you to explain what happened in full detail." Phil hummed as he took a swig of his tea. Mum looked at me, then Dad, then Sky, and then Sasha. Their eyes glued to me in desperation.

"Mi?" Mum chirped. She rubbed my leg.

"Don't be scared sweet heart." Phil smiled, he was obviously a cockney lad.

"Erm, where's Justin?" I asked.

"At the hospital, I drove him there." Sasha replied gently. "He was so worried about his Mum, I thought I would let him see her."

"Mia stop changing the topic." Mum scowled.

"Mam, this is a normal delay, she's just nervous."

"I don't want them in here." I said indicating to Sky, Mum and Dad. Sasha stood up and smiled and shuffled them into the living room, Mum made a few complaints but nothing to bad, luckily. 

"Alright, off you go."

"Well, I err...erm, I had an argument with Justin that day because of Isaac as, Justin has anger issues. He's very vulnerable really anyway, Justin threw a strop because I didn't met him in the queue at break because I was with Isaac, and he hates Isaac. This sounds so stupid." I mumbled.

"No no no, carry on." Sasha said as she sat back in her seat.

"Er, well then we had a massive argument as he caught Isaac and I kissing." I twiddled my thumbs in embarrassment. "Then he claimed we weren't friends anymore or something like that, I obviously was annoyed as he was never like this. I thought he was just being protective. Then we were in History and, he had a massive tantrum in class and I'm really the only who knows how to control him when he's like that, so then, everyone was like 'sort him out' so I tried. Then I took him outside and, he was like shouting at me because of the Isaac situation and then he was crying, and he walked out. Then I went to go get him as-" Suddenly the door swung open revealing Justin red in the face.

"Run." He whispered.


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