Just Best Friends.

Mia Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since they can both remember. But Justin has always secretly liked Mia, but Mia is madly inlove with Isaac Dunn who hates Justin. When Mia tells Justin he starts to get jealous very quickly...



 I sat in my room looking outside the window. I had told Mum the events of the day and she was already on the phone to Pattie, Justin's mum. I sighed. I remembered Justin shouting, crying, and the blood seeping from Isaac's nose. There must be more to it? Why would he of reacted so badly? I put my head into my hands. Someone knocked on the door gently, Mum poked her head in and said she was taking Sky over to her a friends and she would be about two hours as she was going to the Gym. I nodded. Mum came and sat next to me and wrapped me inside her arms.

"I just don't understand." I sniffed. "He is over protective but never like this." I was fighting away the tears, crying didn't solve anything.

"Honey, just let him calm down. Has Isaac come back to you?" I shot up, I had completely forgot to check. I ran over to my phone which was on charge. I looked down on it, no texts, nothing. I shock my head. "He's probably still in hospital." I looked back at Mum who was now up on her feet. "If you need me call, Dad will be home soon anyway. Go watch tele and put on some trackies, relax. It will help." She came over slowly and kissed my forhead and left.

                                                    *   *  *

I sat watching movies when someone knocked at the door, I jumped up expecting to see Dad. I opened it and standing infront over me soaking wet from the rain was Justin. I gasped. He was holding a rose and chocolates.

 "You said I could come over?" He smiled. What is wrong with him? Anger roared inside of me, why the hell did he think we could make up after an hour or two? He stepped closer to me.

 "Justin, I don't think you understand what you have done?" His eyes widened. "Isaac's in hospital, you were screaming at me?"

"Yeah I know but, you know I get angry." He said taking another step closer so he was out of the rain.

"Yeah but why were you so angry?" I asked with a stronger tone, while staying put. He wasn't coming inside without telling me the details.

"I've told you already!" He shouted.

"Well tell me again then?!" I shouted back.

"Hes a dick and won't treat you well!" He threw the roses and the chocolates on the floor. "And-" He stopped, I was waiting for him to finish.

"And...? What?" He shock his head at me. "Well If your not going to apologise or say anything else then you can leave." I replied coldly, he looked up at me.

"And if I leave and you shut this door." He stopped for a second and picked up the rose and chocolates. "It's the end of our friendship." He shoved the rose and chocolates into my hands. "Because I 'aint done anything wrong, because when he fucks you around, I'm not picking up the peices."

"Fine." I spat, my hand shot for the door. "You wouldn't do that anyway!"

"So that's it then? 17years of us being best friends over?" I swallowed hard, my throat was dry.

"Looks like it." I mumbled. He laughed a little. I looked down at me bare feet, a tear fell down and landed on them.

"You don't want to be but yet your going to because of that fool."

"STOP CALLING HIM NAMES!" I shouted. "YOUR THE ONE WHO PUT HIM FUCKING HOSPITAL!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I suddenly saw my Dad's car pull up. "Go."


"I said GO!" Justin hesitated.

"K, so were not friends or nothing." He shouted. He went and turned around and started walking to his house next door.

"No, and you can take your petty rose and chocolates." I screamed as I threw them at him. I was wearing a tiny tank top and trackies, I started crying loudly as the chocolates and rose fell to the floor. The rain was heavy hitting down on me, I felt sick. Tears fell rapidly down my face. Justin turned back to me.


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