Just Best Friends.

Mia Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since they can both remember. But Justin has always secretly liked Mia, but Mia is madly inlove with Isaac Dunn who hates Justin. When Mia tells Justin he starts to get jealous very quickly...


17. "I wish I never met you!"

Mia's POV:

I sat and stared out the kitchen window whilst shaking, Pattie had been rushed off into the hospital and I felt sick. Dad was cradling Mum in his arms like a baby as she wailed. Sky was keeping calm by playing with Jazymn and Jaxon, and I just sat and stared. Nothing. It was like nothing was the only something.

"Hello Miss." A voice coughed make me jump out of my day dream. I looked up to see a police woman and a Justin. Justin was bright red in the face from crying. "Were going to have to take you to the station I'm afraid."

"Why? She hasn't done anything." Mum whispered as she wiped her eyes.

"We know mam but it's part of our duty." The woman smiled, she had a wrinkles around her eyes and a long pointy nose. But she had a nice warming smile.

"It's seven o clock in the morning and she hasn't slept since four." Dad chirped in.

"She will be able to sleep in the cell."


"Yes miss, just for half an hour. It doesn't mean you're in trouble."

"No way are you keeping my daughter in a cell?!" Mum burst out. "It's like an animal cage!"

"Mam please, it is our duties and she will not be affected by it."

"I'll go, it's fine." I mumbled.

"No you won't!" Mum challenged.

"If I can share a cell with Justin." Justin suddenly looked up, I smiled slightly but he looked down.

"That will be fine, now come into the car." The woman went to leave but turned back making me jolt a little. "Sir, it is best you and your family go to sleep."

"What about Jazzy and Jaxon?" Justin chocked, his voice was so quiet, like it was non existent.

"Who?"  The woman asked chuckling a little.

"My brother and sister." Justin said whilst not even smiling a little.

"Oh right yes...they will have to stay here as they are only young, unless their is another parent or carer?" The woman question, Justin turned his head. He hated this conversation.

"No." I replied. "They can stay here for now. Their in an environment they know well."

                                                *                   *                 *

Justin's POV:

Tap. Tap. Tap. My eyes  flickered open to hear a police man unlocking the cell next to us. I slowly sat up feeling the weight of my body fall onto me. I ached. I had cuts and bruises all over me. I looked around the dull cell, it was such a boring colour. Grey. My eyes slid over to the right to see Mia sleeping on the bed. Her light breathing was like a beautiful song. I stared over, as I stood up I looked out the tiny door window. It was like a whole different world out there.

"Are they coming?" Mia yawned. I turned around and shook my head. "Oh." Silence. It was so strange, for about six years we have never had a silence. "Justin, we can't just ignore what happened earlier."

"I don't want to talk about it." I mumbled.

"Yeah I know but.." Her voice trailed away. "Can't we at least talk about something?"



"There isn't anything I wanna say." I groaned.

"You're so difficult when you're grumpy." She rolled her eyes.

"Well you can't exactly expect me to be over the f-cking moon."

"I never said you would be!" She spat. Silence. The never ending pain that stabs at you. I sat down on the bed and shut my eyes. "It's funny really."

"Yeah f-cking hilarious." My eyes were still closed. Silence.

"I wasn't actually going to say that but okay."


"Why are you being like this?"

"Because your the reason were here!" I shouted as I threw body upwards so we were facing each other.

"Me?!" She cried. "What? If you didn't attack Isaac none of this would be happening."

"Yeah you probably would be banging!" I challenged. Her facial expression changed.

"You are so pathetic." She gulped. My heart sank, I hated it when we argued.


"Good? Gosh, your not the same boy I used to know Justin."


"You-" I spoke so she couldn't finish.

"Neither are you."

"If you just said you loved me then we wouldn't be here now, and your mum would be fine and so would you!"


"If you just flipping said you loved me then, I wouldn't-we wouldn't be sitting here arguing!"

"Are you saying it's my fault why my mums in hospital?"

"What? No, I was just saying-"

"Well it came across like that Mia!"

"Why were you so afraid to say you loved me anyway! You always tell me you do."

"That's in a friend way."

"Well you could of said it in a friend way couldn't you?"

"Well maybe I didn't want to."

"Why do you not love me in a friend way?"


"Omg, your such a dick. I can't believe you just said that!"

"Wait, what?"

"Don't you dare try and take it back Bieber!"

"I don't love you in a friend way, get over it."

"16 whole years with you being my other half and you turn out like this?" A tear tumbled down her cheek. "I wish I never met you!"


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