Just Best Friends.

Mia Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since they can both remember. But Justin has always secretly liked Mia, but Mia is madly inlove with Isaac Dunn who hates Justin. When Mia tells Justin he starts to get jealous very quickly...


19. "I missed you more"

Justin's POV:

I stared at the bulky humans and Isaac. They were laughing. I grabbed onto Mia.

"Richard." He shot the gun at the wall. I threw Mia behind me as she whimpered. She kept a steady hold of my arm. "Mia get up." She was panting behind me. "Mia get up!" There was another gun shot as she yelped. She stood up slowly and stared at me. "Walk into the middle." She slowly stepped into the middle,  but no tears fell down her cheek. "Albert." He darted towards her, I pelted up and hit in the jaw.

"Justin!" Mia squealed. I grabbed the plate of spaghetti and threw it at Isaac at Richard faces. I stamped onto Albert's head as we heard his skull shatter. Mia had buried herself on my bed. I smashed the plate, as it shatter I grabbed the sharpest end. My mind was whirling. Richard pelted towards me, I duck from his fist as he swung. He was angry. I grabbed his legs and made him tumble back, he threw me over his head as I landed awkwardly on my back. I groaned in pain.

"You little f-cking kid." Richard shouted. He picked me up and hit me in the stomach, I fell to my knees in pain.

"Stop!" Mia yelled as tears spluttered from her eyes like a baby. Isaac slapped her, my eyes rolled back and forward. Richard threw me against the wall, I smirked.

"What's so funny p-ick?" Richard snarled holding by my throat as the air was becoming thinner and thinner.

"This." I kicked him start in the balls and spat in his face. He wept in pain and fell to the ground. I kicked him in the stomach as he fell on his back. I stamped on his leg as it popped out of place, I walked over to Mia who had a piece of glass in her hand and was trembling. Isaac was walking closer and closer to her, I grabbed the two guns off the floor and triggered it behind Isaac's head who then turned in astonishment.

"Oh Bieber." He chuckled. I smirked, I held the gun between his two eyebrows. "Mr badman are we." He suddenly hit me in the stomach. I tripped backwards onto the floor.

"NO!" Mia screamed. I suddenly heard a sudden shout of pain as Mia ran over, I got to my feet quickly. "Run now! RUN!"

 Mia's POV:

I ran like it was a race, not stopping until the finish line. But in our case there was no finish line. Tears were still sprinkling down my face as I ran, I had a sudden strange throbbing pain in my leg. I needed to stop, I felt like I was going to pass out anyway.

"Slow down!" I called after Justin. We were already out of the police station by this point and we were in the middle of a random field. Justin turned back and looked at me, I froze. I had never felt butterflies like that before, for anyone. He just looked so perfect standing there. His top blowing in the wind, and his dreamy dark eyes glancing at me, was I falling for him? I couldn't be? It was only because he told me he loved me it brought back feelings from when we kissed. I mean when he kissed me, I fell for him. But I sort of shock myself out of it. But maybe it was coming back? My heart was thumping in my chest. Had I loved Justin this whole time? Surely not, I was the one who rejected him in the first place. But I didn't want to, but it felt...right?

"We need to keep moving." He slurred whilst panting.

"I-I physically can't." I moaned, he strolled over to me and lifted me up and spun me as I laughed. "What was that for." I said as he planted me back on the floor.

"I dunno?" He smiled. His pearly teeth glowed, I giggled. "To wake you up."

"Were in the middle of no where!" I gasped realising our surroundings. The grass was a rich green as it swayed side to side in the gentle breeze. The trees danced along all in time, and the sky was a beautiful blue.

"It's nice." I looked down at Justin who had plonked himself on the floor. I slowly slid down even though I knew we should find a way back. He was staring at me with his mysterious eyes.

"What?" I blushed, he crawled over to me on all fours and pulled me close to him.Our noses were touching. I couldn't do it, not yet anyway. "Did you see what I did to Isaac?" I looked down. He let go of me and moved back almost within a second.

"No." He replied, I looked up at him. He was picking at the grass.

"I slit his shoulder." My voice cracked. I still couldn't believe it myself. Justin looked up.

"What?" He gasped whilst laughing.

"It's not funny Justin!" I wined. "Wait we could go to jail?"

"We won't we were defending ourselves. They had guns!" He stopped. "Speaking of which." He passed me something from his pants, I pulled a 'grossed out' expression. Suddenly he revealed two guns.

"Where you get them Justin?!" I squealed jumping to my feet.

"Calm down Mi!" I shook my head. "It was Richard's and Albert's or Isaac's dunno whose." He laughed a little. "Well anyway, one for you and one for me." I felt like I was going to throw up, my hands were shaking with fear. A gun? A gun? A GUN?! That thing could kill someone!

"Are you crazy?!" I shouted. "That thing could kill someone!" I said speaking my thoughts.

"They tried to kill us."

"But if they put there heads in an oven would you?" No reply. "No." I replied for him

"We won't actually use them. It's like a threat." I finally breathed normally again as I fell to the soft ground.

"You could of said that in the first place." We both laughed. Then it fell silent, but it was a necessary silence, one that made us reflect.

"Mia?" I looked up. "Are you and Isaac still together?"

"I slit his shoulder, I don't think we are...but it hasn't officially ended yet."

"Yet?" He questioned.

"I'm not staying with him, are you an idiot?" He ran over to me and hugged me with joy.

"You're mine now." He chuckled. He pulled away. "If that's okay?" He smiled. I didn't reply, he slowly let go. "I'm sorry."

"It just hasn't all clicked yet." I whispered. He nodded. "Your my best friend Jay, and I just, just, just-" Then the tears started to form. I felt like such a wimp. Why was I crying. JUST SPIT IT OUT MIA! "I just can't imagine us being together." Well done. His face crumpled.

"I knew it." Justin mumbled. "Mum was right." His head shot up. "Mia, my mum! She's in hospital." Wooah, glad that took over our previous subject. "We need to go see her." He was standing up and walking back in the direction of the police station.

"Where are you going?" I called.

"Where do you think?" He shouted back.

"No Justin!" I shouted. He stopped. "It's to dangerous. We need to camp here."

"Under what?" He replied.

"We can build a raft or a shelter, like we used to when we were little." I said strolling over to him and grabbing his hand.

"But my mum-"

"Is in safe hands, how would you fell being ambushed by us running in saying all of past events?" He agreed politely and quietly.

"But surely someone will tell her we've gone missing."

"No, they won't. There probably dealing with Isaac and his ogre brothers." We both burst into fits of laughter.

"I missed you." Justin laughed.

"I missed you more." I replied.

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