Just Best Friends.

Mia Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since they can both remember. But Justin has always secretly liked Mia, but Mia is madly inlove with Isaac Dunn who hates Justin. When Mia tells Justin he starts to get jealous very quickly...


15. Drama.

 Mum was sitting by the door with Sky as they sat and stared, I felt the cold midnight air blow into my face. Every step made me think of more and more of the events that could be facing me. Death. Mum was holding me back before I left, but there was something in me and she saw that and she let me go. Dad was standing by the car waiting. I looked at him, he was holding some sort of bat or weapon. The wind flicked me forward hurdling my body right up to Justin's back door. I grasped onto the door handle and felt it, it was warm for some strange reason. I breathed in and out. Was I doing the right thing? What if I got seriously ill or something? I turned back to Dad was slowly walking closer, I knew if he came up to me he would pull me away, but something inside of me urged me to help Justin. Like my life depended on it. I yanked the door open leaving the nights darkness behind me.

Justin POV:

I pushed Mum up the stairs as she wept, I was looking at her fighting back my own tears anyway.

"It's me you want." I chocked. "Let her go." Richard was slowly getting closer.

"Alright Bieber but here's what's gonna happen. You are going to go upstairs and get you're little brats and take them outside, away from here. Go. NOW!" Isaac shouted. Mum still wept. "Can you tell this w-ore to move Bieber!" Isaac shouted again. His words were his only weapon, but they were sharp and painful.

"Mum. Go." She was wiping her tears as she shook her head. "Mum now, think of Jazzy and Jaxon." She was screaming through her tears.

"Shut up b-tch." Isaac yelled pushing Richard closer.

"Mum please." She slowly crawled up the stairs and didn't stop looking at me.

"G-d, took her some time didn't it." Isaac chuckled, I just glared. Suddenly someone grabbed my shoulder and pushed me to the bottom of the stairs. Richard stood near by with the gun close to my head. "So Bieber-" There were suddenly footsteps from coming upstairs as, Mum, Jazymn and Jaxon all walked down. Mum held onto Jaxon and Jazymn. "Go into the corner, now." Mum scurried to the corner holding onto my brother and sister, but her eyes were glued to me. "Why did you attack me today in school?"

My mind flashed back to the incident and of mine and Mia's argument earlier that evening. My breathe was heavy and I couldn't control my fist from clenching and unclenching. There were sudden soft whispers coming from the Kitchen.

"Bieber!" Harley spat. I turned back.

"What?" I still stared into the darkness of the kitchen.

"Answer me!" Isaac shouted.

Mia's POV:

I stepped in and darkness surrounded me, I was going to turn on the lights but my mind somehow told me not to. I stumbled over a view boxes as I whispered Justin's name. I suddenly heard shouting and someone falling. I kept whispering hoping someone would hear.

"Justin? Justin. J-Justin?"

I heard someone shouting at Justin, really loudly. I got into the living room area and my eyes widened. Without saying a word I hid behind the pillar covering my mouth trying not to scream. In front of me was the whole of Justin's family scrunched up into the corner. Pattie was crying and Jaxon was whimpering. Jazzy just sat there in pure silence. I cowardly looked around the corner and gasped. Justin's head jolted into my direction, I darted back behind the pillar with tears forming. Justin had a gun to his face, and two strange men were there. I looked again quickly, my eyes  were suddenly fixed on Isaac. Isaac! What the heck was happening?

"Bieber!" A voice shouted making me jolt back again.

"What?" Justin trembled.

"Answer me!" Isaac demanded. What was I supposed to do? I was pushing away the tears. I was breathing heavily.

"J-Justin?" I said with a bit more force.

"W-Who is that?" Isaac questioned. No one answered. "Albert go check." My heart pounded, the 'Albert' man was getting closer and closer. I had to act fast. I scurried back into the kitchen and crept in again as if it was the first time, a arm grabbed me as I screamed. I was pushed into the light.

"Get off of me!" I yelled whilst pushing the manly statue away from. I turned forward as all eyes met mine. I gasped.

"Mia?" Isaac gulped.

"W-what is going on?" I asked, stepping forward to meet eye contact with Pattie who was smirking.

"Why are you here?" Isaac asked.

"Answer my question!" I trembled. "What is going on?" My voice was a whisper now, but I couldn't take my eyes off Justin who was staring. Isaac walked over whilst ushering Albert away.

"Princess, listen." He grabbed my arm, I pushed him off within a second. His facial expression changed. "You're Bieber friend deserves this."

"I thought you said you would leave him alone if, if, if I wasn't friends with him."

"But you're here. Why is that?" He asked getting closer and closer to me. His voice had a tone which wasn't shouting or whispering. It was pure evil.

"I heard shouting." I lied.

"So you just came here?"

"Wouldn't you." I snarled. He chuckled.

"I understand now." Isaac turned away. I sighed. He turned back sharply. "You two love each other."

"What?" I asked. Justin looked down onto the floor. "You're insane!"

"Wait...hang on...maybe he loves you." He turned to Justin. My eyes widened. "Yes." Isaac was beaming. "I'm right aren't I Bieber." My eyes were growing larger and larger. "That's why he attacked me today." He shoved Justin and raised his head so they were nearly touching noses. "He was jealous...Speak. What? Has the cat got you're tongue?" Isaac seemed as if he was glowing. He suddenly punched Justin the stomach making him crouch over in pain. I screamed. "Shut up Mia." Isaac yelled.  Tears were sprawling from my eyes, my legs were shaking.

"Leave him alone!" I screamed as they hit him again but harder as he fell to his knees. Pattie jolted up and ran at them. Albert charged at her lifting her up and throwing her to the floor. Justin shot up and hit Richard as the gun fell to the floor. Justin charged at Isaac. I ran over to Pattie who was coughing. Blood was sliding down her chin. Her eyes were rolling backwards and forwards. Jaxon was crying like a baby.

"Jazymn!" I shouted. "Take Jaxon to my house now."

"Mummy." A tear rolled down her cheeks.

"NOW!" I shouted.

"The gun Mia." Pattie coughed. I turned to see the gun lying in the middle of the floor. I darted for it, as I did a huge body lifted me up whilst it spun me round and round.


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