Just Best Friends.

Mia Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since they can both remember. But Justin has always secretly liked Mia, but Mia is madly inlove with Isaac Dunn who hates Justin. When Mia tells Justin he starts to get jealous very quickly...


4. Dinky-D.

 I moved myself through the crowd and to my locker. My locker was hidden, right next to Justin's but they were on there own. They were private. I slowed down as I saw Justin, was I supposed to talk to him? I walked over to him and stayed quiet, Justin kept giving me quick looks. He stared into his empty locker, he never put anything in it anyway. He stood their like a lemon.

"You 'ite?" He asked, I looked over quickly and nodded. I was looking at my tounge piercing in my mirror feeling proud of how it matched my belly one. "Mia?" I looked back. He smiled slightly. "I'm sorry for loosing it, I just hate them boys and I know I should tell you but, you like Isaac." I was shocked. "You don't think I knew."

"Who, who told you?" I stuttered, then I stopped. I hadn't told anyone.

"Your my best friend you twat." I smiled. "I can read you so easily." I laughed. He was looking down. "I just don't like him."  

"I do." I chuckled, he glanced at me then looked down at his feet. "What?"

"Nothing." He sighed, the bell screamed making me jumped which led us both to laugh. "Can I come over tonight?" I laughed to fact that he asked.

"Obvs." We were strolling towards our seperate lessons, we stopped at the end of the dirty green corridor which led outside. We stopped in an awkward silence. "So erm, see you at break." He nodded and walked away. I held my breath I never thought Justin would take it so seriously? I strolled into Science and saw Angie waving like crazy, she was so weird sometimes. I walked over and dumped down my stuff and sighed.

"Is Justin being a poo?" She asked, I laughed.

"No, just life is being a poo." I replied, Angie was writing on her planner when Mr Scout walked in.He was a big man with a bold head, he had tattoos all over his arms but he was the sweetest teacher ever. But he's also Austrailian, so it's quite funny.

"Morning girls and boys." We were all chatting while he said this anyway.

"So what did Isaac say?" Angie asked while she twirled a strand of my blonde hair around her fingers.

"You know stuff." She yanked on my hair a little so I yelpped.

"He asked you out didn't he! Aah!" Angie squealed.

"No,no shh!"

"Girls, what is going on the corner." Mr Scout asked, Angie went bright red like she normally did. He said 'cona' it made me laugh, I always used to immatate him with Justin.

"Sorry sir." I replied with a bit of attitude.

"Alright girls, but if you keep messing around I'm going to have to move you. It's not just you two, a lot of you aren't taking this seriously." He used to say that all the time, he never did move us though, he couldn't be bothered. "Anyway, Mia can answer the question on the board."

"Theres loads of questions sir." I yawned. I was picking my nails with my ruler when he banged the table making me jump.

"Answer number one please." He scowled. I read it slowly.


"Correct, Kangaroo is the answer. It's actually a Boomer which is a male kangaroo in Australia but you lot don't know that." Everyone laughed at him saying 'Kangaroo' he chuckled. "Mia, can I see you at the end of the lesson?" I frowned. He turned around from writing 'boomer' on the board.

"I did what you asked." I moaned.

"Mia, your seeing me at the end of the lesson okay?" He replied with more force in his tone, he was never moody like that. I nodded and frowned slightly, Angie was laughing.

"I did that for you."

"Mia Davis. I am not impressed with your attuitude!" Mr Scout shouted, my eyes widened with shock. "You and Angie are non stop talking, on and on. I've had enough!" He boomed, you could see his veins popping out in his neck. "Angelina move over to here." No ever called her Angelina she hated it. She was bright red from being shocked, whenever that happened or anything that was un-normal she went bright red. "Now! Don't make me ask twice!" She stood up and grabbed her stuff and went, she looked back at me. She pissed me off, I was the one in trouble because she kept talking to me. "Mia I will talk to you at the end of the lesson does that mean now?"

"No, I didn-"

"Don't you answer back at me, you know I hate that." He shouted, he glared straight at me, I rolled my eyes. "Don't roll you eyes at me. Look at me when I'm talking to you not being very polite. This is the dinky-d." I giggled. "This is not funny." He shouted.

"But you can't say dinky-d to me sir, I have no clue what that means." I laughed, the class did to. Mr Scout banged the table so it fell silent.

"It means in Australia the real thing. You've got exams coming up." He looked over at me. "Meet me at the end of the lesson no disscusion."

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