Just Best Friends.

Mia Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since they can both remember. But Justin has always secretly liked Mia, but Mia is madly inlove with Isaac Dunn who hates Justin. When Mia tells Justin he starts to get jealous very quickly...


11. Confession.

 Tension rised as Dad dragged me inside from the pouring rain outside, I felt sick. Tears were still sprawling from my eyes. Dad was ushering me into the kitchen and grabbing me a towel, he was talking to me but I couldn't hear him, all I could hear was Justin's screams at me. Did I do the right thing? Did I react to widly?  Dad made me coco and sat with me on the Kitchen floor as I cried on him. His gently humms helpped relax me. He didn't ask what was wrong but when Mum burst into the Kitchen whistling she almost screamed in shock. My hair was shocked and it dripped all over my reavling body. Mum slammed her keys down and ran over to me and heaved me up like a rag doll.

She dragged me up the stairs and into the bathroom and literally stripped me, I didn't care. I shaved the night before. She threw me into the steaming shower. The droplets hit my skin and it hurt as I was so cold. Mum left me in the shower. I fell to my knees and rocked to and fro gently whilst crying to myself. I remember Mum coming in and turning off the shower. She brought up my coco and hugged me as we talked about what happened.


Justin's POV:

The rain ran down my face, I hit against my door. It was a couple of seconds till Mum answered the door. Her hair was in rollers and she had Jazymn on her hip. She had a scruffy red top on and tatty tracksuit bottoms, not her best look. She gasped and pushed Jazymn off her, even though Jazymn is the middle child Jaxon was more idependent than she was and he's the youngest. Mum mouth trembled as she stared at me, her blue eyes locked on mine. She stood out the way as I walked in and ran up the stairs.

"Justin!" She called. I heard her running up after me. "Jaz watch your brother!" I stormed into my room and slammed the door and screamed and fell to my knees. Mum burst in and stared at me.

"Mum get out." I stuttered.

"Justin listen-"


"DON'T YOU DARE USE THAT TONE WITH ME!" Mum only lost it when she wanted to and normally at me. She always exgratated the word 'dare'.

"Your not going to help." I stared at her, her expression changed fro screwed up to upset. She slowly plonked herself on the floor next to me, she passed me my dressing gown.

"Ceri has already told me the events of the day, why did you hit that boy Justin?" She was shaking her head. "Your Father and I are paying a lot of money for your anger mangement courses but, Phillip rang me and told me you have missed three sessions." She sighed.

"Phillip's a dickhead."I replied.

"Justin stop using that immature language, it is not going to get you anywhere." Mum raised her voice.

"I ain't going no where anyway." I shivered. I yanked off my wet polo t-shirt and threw it on the floor as I wrapped my dressing gown around me.

"What do you mean? You have so much going for you Justin. You need start music lessons."

"I don't wanna." I replied.

"Justin." Mum sighed. "You have an amazing voice and you can play more insturments than an average human being can." She slurred.

"I can't do it." I stood up and threw my hands into my wardrobe making a dent.

"JUSTIN!" Mum called out. I turned back to her. She was breathing heavily. "SIT DOWN AND CALM DOWN! DON'T HIT YOUR WARDROBE LIKE THAT, YOU'LL BREAK YOU KNUCKLES!"

"NO!" I shouted, tears sprawled from my eyes like a water fountain. "NOT WITHOUT HER!"

"Who?" Mum was up on her feet now staring at me in confusion. I threw myself onto the bed, then Mum joined me. "Without who? Your not making any sense." We were about two cm apart not even touching.

"Mia." I put my head in my hands. Silence. "I fucked everything up."

"Why can't you do it without Mia?"

"Because." I turned to her letting my tears fall freely. "Because shes the one who pushes me, who keeps me calm, understands me, listens to me, crys over shitty movies, flicks her hair one way then another side untill it's comfortable, wears her watch everyday so she resembles our friendship, jumps on me whenever she sees me, stares right into my eyes when we talk, tells everyone she's my best friend and doesn't care what people think, argues with me untill we both end up laughing about it." I stopped. Mums mouth was wide open. She stood up still staring at me.

"I knew it." Mum smiled.

"No." I stood up to, I had completely blown in now. No one knew.

"You-You!" She squealed and jumped around.

"Mum stop!" I shouted.

"Your inlove Mia."

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