Baby Sis

I'm Tori (Victoria) and I'm 17 years old. My brother is Louis Tomlinson. I haven't seen him or my family for 2years ! I got kidnapped at 15 and right now I'm in Spain. Spain ! I'm about to change my life because , well , I can't take it anymore ! But I may or may not have a huge crush on Zayn. Ssshhh ! It's a secret. ;) Warning: some sexual scenes and a lot of swearing


3. Time To Be Brave

I grabbed my jacket and ran down all the stairs and into the lobby. Is that Robert standing outside the elevator ? He stepped inside. I ran faster and faster. I finally got away from him. I got into a taxi and this amazing old lady offered to share with me. She spoke fluent English and Spanish. "You seem troubled," she told me. I nodded "I'm Victoria Tomlinson , I was kidnapped two years ago by Robert Donnelly. He... He raped me," I started to feel the tears run down my face. "You're ok now. You're in safe hands. The driver is my son," she told me. "I bet you get a great discount," I joked. I finally got to the airport and I got the old lady's name and phone number. Awh she was so sweet. I boarded the plane and finally started my plan. I'm almost there Boobear.

A girl with auburn hair sat next to me. "Hey," she said. "Hey!" I replied smiling. She smiled back. "I'm Megan. What's your name ?" She asked me still smiling. She seems nice. "I'm Victoria. I prefer Tori," I chuckled. "Holiday?" She asked me. "Well , not exactly," I told her looking at my feet. "Wait, are you Tori Tomlinson ? The girl who went missing two years ago ?" She asked me. I nodded "I got away from Robert but I don't want him to get anyone else. I'd rather it was me than someone else," I confessed. "Wow ! That's a really big thing ! Half the people I know would rather it was their enemy," she said a little nervous. I thin she was nervous because she didn't want to offend me. "Louis always said I was too nice," I joked.

*******______|A few hours later|______****************

I exchanged numbers with Megan and I walked with her to get a taxi. Turns out she lives a few houses away from me. "My mum is really busy so I told her I'd get a taxi home," she confessed to me. We got in the same taxi and talked a lot on the way there. I'm almost with you Boobear :)

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