Baby Sis

I'm Tori (Victoria) and I'm 17 years old. My brother is Louis Tomlinson. I haven't seen him or my family for 2years ! I got kidnapped at 15 and right now I'm in Spain. Spain ! I'm about to change my life because , well , I can't take it anymore ! But I may or may not have a huge crush on Zayn. Ssshhh ! It's a secret. ;) Warning: some sexual scenes and a lot of swearing


10. The party

Megan and I had just finished shopping. We were getting ready for the party. It was in one hour. We were waiting for a ride there.

~•~•||The Party||•~•~

We walked on up to the huge house. Someone let us in an introduced himself. "Hey girls I'm Brad, and you two lovely ladies are ?" He winked at us. "I'm Megan and this is Tori," he let us in and showed us his house. A cute boy walked over to us. "Hey I'm Ross ," he told us. We both smiled. Megan walked off to her... Boyfriend ? They started making out. Eww. Ross pulled me next to the stairs and put his hands on my waist and lowered them down. "Get off my ass!" I whispered loud enough Brad heard. He gestured for Ross to leave. I smiled. "You'll thank me later when you're not one of his sex toys!" He chuckled. "Thanks," I smiled. He led me upstairs to his room. He locked the door and I sat on his bed. He took his shirt off and sat on my lap with his legs around me. 6pack ! He started to unzip my dress. I kissed him vigorously. He pulled off his underwear then mine. He unhooked my bra and threw it on the floor. He pulled a condom from his drawers. "You ready ?" He asked me. I nodded my head. We started off slow then we got faster. The music went off downstairs but I don't think he noticed. I heard footsteps then someone tried the door handle. "Who is it ?" I whispered to Brad. "Who is it ?" He said aloud. "Your dad, open up!" His dad demanded. I hid under his bed with all my stuff. I looked at my phone and saw the time. 11:59PM. His dad noticed my bra near the door and picked it up. "So , where is she ?" He asked Brad. He noticed part of my dress from under the bed. It was Robert. He pulled me out of Brad's room and into his. He chucked me on the bed and took his clothes off. "No !" I screamed. He didn't wear a condom and I think you get the picture. I sat with my back to him. I've really fucked my life up ! He touched my boobs. "Hello !?" Someone screamed from downstairs. It was Louis. "Louis ! Louis !" I screamed. I heard a thumping on the stairs and Louis burst through the door. "Get the fuck off my baby sister right now !" He demanded. Harry was with him. Harry ran over to me and handed my clothes off of the floor. I put each section of clothing on. Harry hugged me. He took his jacket off and wrapped it round me. The police came and arrested Robert. Louis and Harry hugged me. I cried hard. "Let it out!" Louis told me. He was crying too ! "He... He raped me for the second time!" I cried. Literally. "Where's Megan ?" They both shrugged their shoulders. "Help !" I heard Megan shout. I ran out of the room and found her in the bathroom. "What's wrong ?" I helped her up and hugged her. "I was stuck in the window!" She chuckled. I laughed with her.

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