Baby Sis

I'm Tori (Victoria) and I'm 17 years old. My brother is Louis Tomlinson. I haven't seen him or my family for 2years ! I got kidnapped at 15 and right now I'm in Spain. Spain ! I'm about to change my life because , well , I can't take it anymore ! But I may or may not have a huge crush on Zayn. Ssshhh ! It's a secret. ;) Warning: some sexual scenes and a lot of swearing


5. Shopping

My mum made me get rid of my old phone considering a weirdo kidnapper stole it ! We were getting a new one today and we were getting me some new clothes. Yay ! I love shopping. Love it. "Tori!" Louis shouted at me from his bedroom. Can't he let me eat breakfast in peace ? Ugh ! "What ?" I screamed. There was a silence. "WHAT!?!?!?" I shouted louder. "I'm hungry," I sighed so loud he probably heard it. I rang him off mums phone. "What ?" He asked. "Come get yo fat ass down here and make some food," I told him with a smile on my face. I heard a knock at the door. I hung up the phone and answered the door. "Hey." Liam said not realising it was me. "What's- Tori !" He shouted. They all came and hugged me. Awh ! I feel loved :). I heard Louis running down the stairs combing his hair. They all sat down and watched TV. "Later guys. I'ma go get me a new phone," I exclaimed. Eeeek ! Mum and I were driving to the Apple store to get me a iPhone 5s or 5c. I chose a white 5S because I like white. :). It's my favourite colour. But then there's those people that say 'White can't be your favourite colour 'cause it's a shade' and them I'm like 'shut the fuck up' and that is how I lose friends. I got all my contacts and pictures transferred. Yayzies ! We got home and decided to postpone clothes shopping because mum had some important work to do. I ran inside the house and saw Zayn. I bit my lip. He hugged me. Yay ! I may or may not have a crush on Zayn Malik. I chuckled inside my head. He smelt amazayn ;). "I know we haven't seen each other for a while but you're kinda killing me," he exclaimed. I sat down on the couch. "How come we don't get hugs like that ?" They all asked me. I shrugged my shoulders. "Oo lala!" They all chuckled at me. Before I was kidnapped we use to play wrestle a lot. A lot. I jumped on Harry's back and he tried to flip me on the couch without hurting me.


I was lying across all the boys on the couch. I had my head on Louis and my feet rested on Harry. I slowly fell asleep. "I'll take her up," Louis told them. I woke up in Louis' arms. He kissed my forehead "go back to sleep," I was almost asleep when he put me down in my bed. "Goodnight Boobear," I whispered. "Goodnight Toro," he replied. He left my room and shut the door.

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