Baby Sis

I'm Tori (Victoria) and I'm 17 years old. My brother is Louis Tomlinson. I haven't seen him or my family for 2years ! I got kidnapped at 15 and right now I'm in Spain. Spain ! I'm about to change my life because , well , I can't take it anymore ! But I may or may not have a huge crush on Zayn. Ssshhh ! It's a secret. ;) Warning: some sexual scenes and a lot of swearing


1. My Life So Far

So , let me tell you about me and my kidnapper. I have brown hair and green eyes. I'm 17 and my amazing brother is 22. I'm alone right now 'cause my kidnapper goes to strip clubs. Ugh. At least I get some alone time. My kidnappers name is Robert , he escaped from prison three years ago and I was his second victim. The first was my best friend Amanda. But sadly he killed her and I couldn't even go to her funeral because he got me pretty much straight away. He doesn't abuse me or anything and he hasn't raped me…yet. I've been planning my escape for a while now and I'm hoping it won't fail. Why did he go to prison ? He kidnapped and raped three girls. Eww ! Only one died :'(. I don't know if Louis misses me as much as I miss him. I hope Snuggles the dog is still alive. He should be considering he was only one when I got kidnapped. I've been listening to songs on the tv and I love Midnight Memories. I'm so proud of my little Boobear. I miss his over protectiveness of me. I remember when he got expelled from school after a teacher touched me. I miss him. I bet you're thinking my life couldn't be any worse? Well I fell out of a tree at five and had major surgery , I started smoking at 13 because my mum and dad were fighting (I stopped) and my stepdad abused me. I'm Tori and this is my life , so far.

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