Baby Sis

I'm Tori (Victoria) and I'm 17 years old. My brother is Louis Tomlinson. I haven't seen him or my family for 2years ! I got kidnapped at 15 and right now I'm in Spain. Spain ! I'm about to change my life because , well , I can't take it anymore ! But I may or may not have a huge crush on Zayn. Ssshhh ! It's a secret. ;) Warning: some sexual scenes and a lot of swearing


33. 31-I miss you![[PLEASE READ]]

"Morning Cal," I whispered as I walked down stairs. Oh yea , we stayed in a hotel last night. It was awkward though , I couldn't stop thinking about Harry. Maybe I made the wrong decision leaving France. I don't know, did I ? I loved Harry but we never even went on a first date. I also slept in the same bed as Luke last night ;).

"Fuck the police!" Someone shouted from the room next to Us. I walked out our room and knocked on their door. "What?" A tallish , large stomached man opened the door. He looks like he just smoked an apartment full of weed. [A/N-I had to use that reference :)]. "Look , I know how sexy some police men are , but seriously , we don't wanna know who you're having sex with!" I walked back into our apartment. Some people :/. "What the fuck is wrong with people!? Stupid teenagers!"

"Our neighbours are drug dealers." Mikey stared at me. "Oh , you've got like 10missed calls. They're from Louis and 'Total dipshit I wish I never met', care to explain that or is it Louis's second number...?" I sighed. "Well , 'Total dipshit I wish I never met' is Harry. It's just I think I miss him. I don't know. Actually , I don't know what I don't even know anymore!" Luke wrapped his arm around me. "It's gonna be okay. We can visit him if you want us too." I sighed and sat on a stool. "Honestly, you don't need to!"

~~2 Days Later~~

Harry started to ring me. Again. I might a well answer it.

(H-Harry T-Tori)

H-Can we talk ? Please!

T-Harry, I miss you so so much. I honestly do ! But I just can't do this anymore. I'm sick. Sick of everything. And everyone ! I just need to forget everything. I love you!

H-No ! Please just let me explain. I lov-

I hung up and walked inside a large cottage type house. I was welcomed by a really nice family who were looking to adopt.

"Here's to a new start."

(A/N- I decided to stop this book! I lost inspiration and you guys probably aren't reading this anyways! Sorry for the shitty ending but I just can't write this anymore! I find it more of a task/chore to update. I haven't updated for a long time anyways ! Sorry if you're one of the 0.1% of people who enjoyed the book! Thanks for reading this anyways! You guys are awesome!

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