Shadows *complete*

They were five. They were at the top. Until that day, two years ago. Five became three.
They never understood what had truly happened. Until that day, two years too late.
« I'm afraid it's time to say Goodbye. »


1. You're lying



"Today's a special day that most of our listeners haven't forgotten. A sad and unexplainable event happened two years ago so tonight's show is dedicated to that special band, One Direction. After the tragic disappearing of the two members, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson, the band was over and the three remaining singers still are left heart-broken without any explanations to be given about what had happened. Though they stopped singing, we want to remind you all the wonderful songs they sang during their years as an unforgettable band."


I turned off the TV of the small coffee shop I was about to close. Night has fallen since a while and the customers, like the other waiters, had left a while ago. I just had finished cleaning up and it was time for me to get back home. I sighed loudly, feeling all of the sudden slightly sad after hearing the presenter talk about One Direction. I had never been a huge fan but I knew their songs though never been to any of their concerts either. And I remembered very well how I had felt the day the two members had disappeared. It has been a mix of lack of understanding, sadness and pity. They had haters like every famous person but they didn't deserve that, whatever had happened to them. Since two years, they had not found them and they keep on searching but chances to see them back were weak.

I stepped out of the shop into the cold night and quickly locked the door before putting the key back into my bag. The street was empty and I felt lightly scared because of its atmosphere though I was used to it. I was finishing late almost every day.

I started to walk rather fast along the sidewalk to reach the train station, where I knew I'd feel a lot safer. The sounds of my boots on the ground was echoing weakly in the street, giving me a little more confidence as I knew it meant there was no one else near me.

I soon reached the darkest part of the street so I hurried up, hating walking there.


But the sudden gunshot made me stop straight away. I knew I should move. I should run away but that sound had paralysed me. Suddenly a man ran out of the closest street and bumped into me. I fell hard on the ground. But he kept on running away as fast as he could. I slowly stood up and noticed blood on my clothes. Right where that man had hit me. I gasped loudly, feeling fear overrunning me, making my whole body starting to shake. Run, I told myself.

But I couldn't help but stop in front of the closest street, from which the man ran away. I regretted it straight away.

Two men were standing there, talking. One of them still was holding a gun in front of him though there was no one there anymore. The second one had his arms crossed on his chest, looking angry. They both turned their heads toward me, giving me goose bumps. Without being able to take my eyes off the gun, I shook my head and started to run away. I heard one of them yell something. And I knew at once it wasn't something good.

I could hear their footsteps getting closer and closer.

"It's too late," a voice whispered in my ear as I felt a hand grabbing my wrist. He pulled me backwards and I winced. He turned me around and pointed the gun at me. My whole body was shaking more scared than ever. I started to breath heavily, fearing what would happen. My heart starts pounding faster and faster and dizziness filled me in. I couldn't collapse now. I needed all my strengths. But would it make any differences next to those two men?

A few seconds later, the second guy reached our sides. He smirked as he got closer.

"What did you see?" His voice sounded unexpectedly calm. I swallowed with difficulty, "Nothing."

"You're lying," the one holding the gun spat. I tried to avoid his look but his blue eyes locked with mine.

"You're lying. See, you're covered with his blood." He pointed out the red liquid on my arm.
But as he talked, I looked closer at him. And I gasped with surprise.

"I know you!" He lifted his gun up and I stopped talking straight away. I couldn't take my eyes off his finger on the trigger. My fear reached his highest point as I thought he would press it down soon.

"You saw what happened," the second one with the hazel eyes whispered. "You're a witness. You know too much."

"I promise I won’t!" My voice was trembling and I knew it wouldn't be convincing enough.

"Witnesses never stay silent. We can't let you escape."

I wanted to scream. I wanted to shout louder than ever. But I couldn't. Words stayed blocked in my throat. It would be too late soon. My heart was beating so fast at the mere thought of dying here tonight.

"Please," was all I managed to say. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see what would happen next.

But then, I felt a breath against my skin. "Say goodbye to that peaceful life of yours, babe," the one with dark eyes muttered in my ear.

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