Shadows *complete*

They were five. They were at the top. Until that day, two years ago. Five became three.
They never understood what had truly happened. Until that day, two years too late.
« I'm afraid it's time to say Goodbye. »


13. Written



Today was the first time we met and it won't be the last. We'll meet again for the next half month and then it will be over. Unless if you make it easier.

I ask you to trust me for the next weeks. Your life, Harry's and Zayn's depend on that trust.
 It wasn't mean to happen with me but I can't escape. Neither can you or Harry. And it's already too late for him.

Promise me you won't look for him. I'll take you to him when the right time will come because you are his last chance. Trust me, not because I asked for it but to save your friend.

The plot has already begun and can't be stopped.

I beg you to stay silent about that letter or I'll disappear before the end of the month.

Don't freak out and trust me.


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