Shadows *complete*

They were five. They were at the top. Until that day, two years ago. Five became three.
They never understood what had truly happened. Until that day, two years too late.
« I'm afraid it's time to say Goodbye. »


4. Trapped



“Here you are!” Liam handed me clothes I would have to put on to meet Harry. But I wouldn’t have expected him to give me sneakers, a sweater and a tracksuit. I unfolded the track suit and looked at it with surprise before looking up at Liam.

“Is that a joke?” was all I could manage to say. He shrugged his shoulders and I gave him back the clothes. I knew I wouldn’t have done it if I had been with Louis. But he just raised an eyebrow and started to laugh.

“It’s not a joke. And you will put those clothes on.” Though, he still was laughing, I could hear threat in his voice. “Get a shower and put them on.” He pointed out the door of the bathroom while giving me back the clothes. I sighed but the look on his face made me realize I better do what I was told to. I made my way into the small bathroom as I closed the door, I heard him yell,

“And hurry up! You wouldn’t like any of us to come to get you out of the shower!” And he laughed.

I quickly closed the door, shaking after hearing his words. I would have to shower very fast.
I stepped into the shower and let the hot water fall on me. As I looked down at my arm covered with blood, I realized I also had a hug bruise near my elbow. When did I get it? Not when I had fallen because of the guy; I’d have noticed it earlier. Then, it meant I got it when unconscious. What had happened?

I quickly finished showering and stepped out to grab a towel. I had to admit I felt slightly better now but it wouldn’t last. Then, I put on the clothes I was given, though still wondering why I had to wear those ones. Afterwards, I dried my hair with the towel and walked out of the bathroom to find Liam leaned against a wall.

A smirk appeared on his face as he moved closer. “My threat worked. I didn’t know it was possible for a girl to shower that quickly.” I didn’t reply and he led me out of the room to go back where Louis was waiting. He didn’t move when he saw us coming but I heard him sigh. It made me wonder how long I would stay alive. What would happen to me once their plans would be done?

“Right! Everyone’s ready so let me explain what will happen!” Liam exclaimed, looking happy about the mere thought of what he was going to say. He turned toward me and carried on, “you will meet Harry in a while and the perfect moment for that is when he’s jogging.” He pointed out my clothes.

“You’re gonna make as if you were jogging too and accidentally bumped into him so you can start the conversation afterwards, okay?” I nodded slightly.

“I don’t think it will work. I hate jogging and it really is a weird plan...” I mumbled, glancing in Louis’ direction. The latter moved closer and snapped,

“You better make sure it will work.” His stared pierced through me, giving me goose bumps, and I only could manage to nod.

“Let’s go then!” Liam spoke afterwards and I followed the two of them in their car.





A while later Louis parked the car near a park and Liam, who was sitting at the back beside me, handed me a very small object. He spoke before I could ask anything,

“Put that in your ear and hide it with your hair. We’re going to talk to you through that so you’ll know what to do. And take this too.” He gave me a phone and carry on his explanation, “you will give him the number you’ll find under the name of ‘me’. Find an excuse not to look stupid because you don’t know your own number.” I nodded; hating more and more the idea I now was involved in that plan. I was about to open the door when Louis spoke with a sharp voice,

“And don’t try to run away from us. You can’t escape. We’ll always find you wherever you will try to go.” Fear overran me once again and it took me a while to get out of the car. I was trapped.

I finally stepped out and the cold air hit me; I hadn’t realized it was early in the morning. I shivered and started to run to warm me up.

“Harry must be somewhere in the park so just look for him. He’s rather tall and has brown curly hair just so you know.” Liam’s voice echoed in my ear, making me jump as I wasn’t expecting to hear him. I nodded though they couldn’t see me anymore and tried to remember what Harry was looking like as I had seen a few pictures of the band a while ago.

I kept on running while looking around me at the almost empty park, where there only were a few people jogging or walking with their dogs. But soon, I noticed a man getting closer with curly hair and I knew straight away it was him. I took a deep breath and tried to pretend I was looking at the ground. I quickly closed my eyes, thinking how sorry I was for him for what would happen. But I had no choice.

He ran closer and bumped into him before letting myself fall on the ground. I hit the cold path but I hadn’t expected I would fall on my bruise. I winced and a single tear fell off my eye because of the pain.

“I’m really sorry!” Harry knelt down beside me and helped me sitting up.

“That’s him! Well done. Now you know what to do next...” Liam’s voice told me.

“I didn’t see you; I’m really sorry! Where does it hurt?” Harry kept on speaking and I showed him my elbow. He lifted up my sleeve, revealing my dark bruise, and gasped before apologizing once again.

“It will fade away; don’t worry!” I told him but he didn’t seem convince by my words. “I wasn’t looking where I was going either so it’s not your fault!” He shook his head.

“You fell so it’s my fault,” he repeated. I then nodded before he helped me standing up.
“If I offer you a drink, would you forgive me for giving such an awful bruise?” he asked me with a shy smile. I looked up at him, noticing how beautiful his eyes were. That man was handsome; that was sure. But I remembered why all this was happening and sadness filled me.

Nevertheless I put on a smile and nodded.

“But maybe another day?  I’m not feeling well right now. I think I need some rest...” I told him, hoping he would still ask me out. I felt relieved when I saw him nod before asking for my number so that he could call me later. I took out the phone I was given a while ago by Liam.

“Sorry, I don’t know my number by heart for now. I changed it a few days ago.” I was all that came to my mind. He smiled while typing my number in his phone.

“I’m Scarlett, by the way, “I told him as I noticed he was wondering what name he should type for the number.

“I’m Harry,” he introduced himself too. “I’ll call you later then! And I’m sorry again for that incident. Bye!” And he started to run away, turning around a few seconds later to wave at me. I waved back and looked at him till he was out of sight.

“You were perfect, Scarlett. Harry is now trapped.”

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