Shadows *complete*

They were five. They were at the top. Until that day, two years ago. Five became three.
They never understood what had truly happened. Until that day, two years too late.
« I'm afraid it's time to say Goodbye. »


5. The call



“Okay, I’ll do it,” Louis’ annoyed voice woke me up. It seemed Louis and Liam were discussing right in front of the door of my room. Yes, my room. They had decided I couldn’t not spend the rest of my life sleeping on the ground in the smallest room of their house so I was given a room on my own, where there only were a bed and a probably empty closet. They were real gentlemen, weren’t they?

Liam replied to Louis calmly, “Thanks. But don’t be too harsh. Otherwise it won’t work and the plan will fail.” No answer followed so I guessed Louis had just nodded before walking away as I heard footsteps.

Then, the door of my room opened widely and I soon felt someone sit on the bed beside me. I had closed my eyes but I doubted he would believe I still was sleeping.

“Are you going to pretending being asleep every day?” Liam’s amused voice asked me. I just sighed and buried my face into my pillow, not wanting to get up. I didn’t want to know what awful things I’d have to do today. Tears started to form in my eyes as I thought of Harry, whose life would soon be destroyed because of me. I began crying, knowing there was nothing I could do against those two men.

“You’re trying to choke yourself in your pillow or what?” Liam asked me and I felt his hand on my shoulder pulling me backwards. He looked closer at me and a wondering look appeared on his face when he noticed I was crying.

I pushed his hand away quickly while snapping, “Don’t touch me!”

“Crying won’t change anything. And I won’t feel pity for you. You remain a witness.” His voice sounded more aggressive than ever. Then, he stood up and carried on with the same tone, “Get up. Harry will probably call you today so you better be ready when he will.” I just sat up and looked at him.

“And what if he doesn’t call?” He simply shrugged his shoulder before answering, “He will. I know him.” I didn’t reply but just got up and followed Liam into the kitchen.

I started to it a bowl of cereal while Liam explained me what I would say to Harry when he would call me. I was half listening, being much more interested by the content of my bowl and my glass.

Suddenly a phone rang and Liam quickly handed it to me. It was Harry. I finished drinking my glass of orange juice and answered, trying to sound thrilled.

“Hi Scarlett! How are you today?” Harry’s voice echoed in the phone.

“I’m fine, thanks! Though, my bruise aches a lot so it was hard to sleep.” Harry apologized once again but it made me sad to hear him blaming himself for something he hadn’t done to me.

Meanwhile, I saw Liam in front of me, who was nodding after what I had just told to Harry.

“So are you free today?” Harry asked me. “If you are, we could go and drink something so that I’ll be sure you forgive me.” I giggled,

“I’m free today so I’d love having a drink with you!”

“Great then! Where would you like to go?” he asked me in a gentle voice.

Liam, who had moved closer to be able to hear the conversation, looked seriously at me and I tried to remember what he had told me to say a while ago.

“Well... It doesn’t really matter where we’ll take the drink but I’d like to wander around the park in which we were running yesterday. So maybe just take away drinks?”

“That’s fine for me too! When can I pick you up?”  I looked at Liam who shook his head and I repeated what he had told me earlier,

“No need to! We could just meet where we met yesterday? Is that okay for you?”

“No problem! So meeting at that place around 2 pm?” he asked again. I saw Liam nodding so I replied it was okay and after telling him goodbye, I hung up.

I looked up at Liam and saw he was smiling widely. And it made me both sad and angry. Why was he smiling when he was planning to kill his best friends?

“Why are you looking sad? You will go out with one of the most famous man in the world. You should be overexcited like any girls would be if they at your place.” I shook my head. I wanted to yell at him but Louis suddenly rushed into the kitchen, interrupting us.

“So?” Liam stepped toward him; anxiety was written all over his face. Louis smiled weakly.

“He told me he loved your idea! You see I can be convincing when I want to.” Liam smiled widely and hugged his mate tightly.

“That’s brilliant then! Did he say something else?” Louis nodded.

“He gives Scarlett three weeks to get rid of Harry.”



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