Shadows *complete*

They were five. They were at the top. Until that day, two years ago. Five became three.
They never understood what had truly happened. Until that day, two years too late.
« I'm afraid it's time to say Goodbye. »


35. Red


Red. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes. Blood. The dark liquid slowly was spreading on the floor. I couldn’t look up. I didn’t dare see whose blood it was. It should have been mine. But it wasn’t. If I looked up, would a dead body lie in front of me?

“Please,” I muttered under my breath. All my limbs shaking, I watched the top of the body lying on the cold floor and my eyes met the weak ones.

“Why did you do that? Why, Harry, why?” I shouted and cried at the same time. I took his hand in mine and squeezed it. I needed to feel he still was alive. I needed to feel the warmth of his hand against mine. I couldn’t let him die slowly. “Why didn’t you stay where you were?”

“I would have died anyway, sooner or later,” I could see the pain on his face as he talked. And that pain written on his pale face was something I would never forget. He kept on wincing and tried to hold his leg with his free hand but his upper body refused to make a single move. I looked down at the direction of his hand as it soon was covered with his own blood. His jeans were torn off and blood was streaming down his left thigh. Right where Paul had shot him.

“We have to try to make you a bandage or something quickly,” I mumbled while ripping off the bottom of my t-shirt and starting to clean his wound. It wouldn’t do anything but it was better than doing nothing at all.

Please, Harry, stay alive. Stay with me.

Footsteps walked closer toward the both of us and then someone towered over Harry. “I forbid you to die, Harry.” A few tears fell down on Harry’s torso as Gemma’s voice roared in the room,
“I forbid you to die as long as I haven’t murder him myself!” I looked up at her and all sign of pity or kindness had left her face. Her whole expression was made of disgust, anger and fury. She looked unstoppable.

“I shall not speak any longer. Only my actions can show how I truly feel inside. You have been warned, Paul.” The calm tone in which she talked was even more frightening.
And she rushed toward Paul.

The latter didn’t move. He just lifted up his gun, ready to shoot anytime.

“Gemma, no!” Eleanor yelled in unison with me. I had stood up and ran in front of Gemma. I grabbed her shoulders and tried to stop her from getting any closer to him. My back at him, I now was facing Gemma.

“Gemma, don’t! He’ll kill you cool-bloodedly!” I tightened my grip around her shoulders but she was stronger.

“Yes, Scarlett’s right,” his cold voice spoke behind me.

And then, an intense pain filled me in. I felt myself collapsing on the ground at Gemma’s feet as her voice yelling my name appeared as an echo. The sudden pain in my shoulder was unbearable and I could the blood flowing down from my own body. The warm liquid dropped slowly on the floor and all I could do was watch all that red getting wider on the ground.

I felt hands grabbing my arm and turning my around on the back. My sight started to get blurry but I could distinguish Gemma’s figure bent over me. Her lips were moving but I was too focused on the burning pain in my arm to understand her.

It would be the end soon. I couldn’t fight any more. All Paul had to do was pull his gun up for the third time and shot me again.

I couldn’t hear Gemma talking but I felt heavy footsteps getting closer toward me. It was him. And he was about to finish his filthy job. I knew he would speak before killing me and I had to listen to him. I couldn’t be even weaker for the last seconds of my life. I had to die with pride. I wanted him to keep in mind the last look I would throw at him.

“I thought that day would not come, Scarlett. But I shall not be the one killing you at last.” Even though I couldn’t see him properly, I knew he was smirking.

“Liam!” he yelled without moving an inch. “I want you to be the one to get rid of her. I know she gave you a bad time. Kill her.”  Liam surely was nodding on the other side of the room because I didn’t hear him give an answer to Paul.

I looked at Gemma who still was knelt down beside me. She wasn’t moving. She was in complete shock. I blinked many time and her face appeared more clearly to me. Her eyes were fixing mine and I saw her mouthing slowly “Sorry”. I wanted to shake my head or reply but I couldn’t move. I failed at giving her a faint smile. My whole body was paralyzed.

“Liam! What are you waiting for?” Paul yelled suddenly. Why? Why wasn’t Liam already by my side with his gun pointed down at me?

I didn’t hear footsteps getting closer but Liam’s voice reached my ears, “I can’t.”

Paul’s laughter echoed in the room at the end of the sentence. But it didn’t last long.

“You can’t? I didn’t ask for your opinion! It’s an order! Do it. Now!”Anger was audible in his voice. But what was happening? Why Liam couldn’t kill me?

“I can’t. I can’t kill someone, Paul. I don’t want to,” he sounded convinced but he surely was afraid to speak those words.

Paul laughed again but it was the scariest laugh I had ever heard. “You can’t? Let me show how easy it is.”

And the sound of his third bullet echoed in the small room. I heard a body collapse right afterwards and Louis’ piercing scream followed,


Gemma and Eleanor gasped with horror. I couldn’t see what had happened but I was afraid I knew. I was afraid Paul had done what I thought he had.

“Gemma...” I said in a whisper, trying to catch her attention. “Liam is alive, isn’t he?”

Gemma turned her head back at me. She didn’t answer but I could read the answer I dreaded in her eyes.

“How did you dare Paul? Why? Why the hell do you keep hurting people I love?” Louis yelled with fury. I had heard him being angry before but it was nothing compared to the tone of his voice right now.

I didn’t want hear what was about to happen. I couldn’t bear listening to the sound of a gunshot one more time.

“Gemma... Gemma... Is Harry...” But I couldn’t finish my sentence as my last strengths left me and everything became black.

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