Shadows *complete*

They were five. They were at the top. Until that day, two years ago. Five became three.
They never understood what had truly happened. Until that day, two years too late.
« I'm afraid it's time to say Goodbye. »


19. My choice



"You promised?" I tried to catch Andrew's look but he avoided my eyes. "You won't help me? But who did you promise that to?" I yelled at him as he stayed still and silent on his chair.

"Who could have known I would..," I stopped in the middle of my sentence. There only were three people.

"Andrew! Tell me!" I shouted, my voice trembling with fear. "Please... I'm afraid I know who..." I couldn't finish talking; he just had nodded. I collapsed on my chair and shook my head.

"When did you promise that?" I asked him. No answer.

"Andrew, I'm going to die. I deserve to know the truth." He looked up at me and I saw his eyes were all puffy.

"They called me the night after I met you in London. The guy introduced himself as a friend of William and told me I would never see you again," he started to say.

"What was his name?" Andrew looked taken aback by my sudden question.

"Paul." I sighed. If Paul had got involved in Andrew's life, it wasn't a good sign.

Andrew carried on his explanations, "that guy, Paul, told me there would be something wrong between you and William. And if you ever happened to come here, I had to promise him not to help you."

They knew. They knew I'd try to run away. And when I met Andrew, I told Liam he was like a brother to me. They knew I go to him. As for calling him; where did they find his number? Hang on... they have my purse! I had it with me the night it all happened but I haven't seen it afterwards! This means... they have the number of everyone I know. That was bad.

"Scarlett?" Andrew called me and I looked up at him. "Did Paul threaten you?" He nodded.

"He said I shouldn't get involved in your 'relationship' with William and that if I did, it would go bad for me. He then asked me to choose." He stopped talking.

"To choose? To choose what, Andrew?" Once again, he looked down at his cup to avoid my look.

"Between our lives. It was either you or me. And I made my choice."

I couldn't even rely on my closest friend.

"They're coming. I sent him a text..." he whispered.

I stood up suddenly and moved closer to him.

"Andrew. You are involved in their business now. He didn't care what your answer was. We both will be dead soon. You and I. The only difference that call made was who would die first." He started to shake and tears formed in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Scarlett. I...I..."

I cut him off, "I don't care about your apologies. We don't have time to. Please, Andrew, help me now. I have to go back in London." I thought he wouldn't answer but instead, he stood up quickly and nodded.

"I will help you. That surely will be the last thing I will do so it better be useful." I smiled at him hugged him.

"Thank you."

Then I grabbed his laptop and went on Internet. I had to find Zayn's address - and his last name first-.

I typed One Direction on Google and went on Wikipedia where I found his name. Zayn Malik.
I then looked for his address or at least, the look of his house. I knew I might not find it as he was famous but I still had to try. His band was over now and I was sure that there must have been some leaking information about his whereabouts when Louis and Liam disappeared.

"Haha!" I exclaimed happily after a while. I had found it! Here was his address! I asked Andrew for a paper and wrote down the name of the street. I didn't know that place but it didn't matter, it was better than anything. I quickly looked on a map and saw it was in the middle of London.
"I have to go to the train station!" I told Andrew and he nodded.

"The first train must already have left but you can still have the second one," he said and I smiled. We rushed out of his flat and ran to the station which wasn't far from his flat.




As we entered the building, Andrew told me he was going to buy me a ticket and I went in the restrooms. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and sighed loudly. I was looking like a mad woman. My eyes were all puffy, my face was red and my hair was a mess. And I really needed to take a shower.

I walked out and noticed Andrew was waiting for me on a bench. I sat down beside him and rested my head on his shoulders.

He handed me a ticket and a sandwich. "Your train leaves in 15 minutes, you better get inside it. And I thought you must be angry so I bought you that." I smiled and thanked him.

"Come with me," I told him and he shook his head.

"If they arrive and find my flat empty, it would make things worse. I can't leave, Scarlett. And I won't change my mind," he added as I was about to protest.



We made our way toward the train in silence and stopped on the platform.

"Scarlett, I'm so sorry about my choice and what I said to that guy. I have been a coward and I understand if you blame me," he was looked both sad and guilty.

"Anyone would have reacted that way so I don't blame you. I wish I hadn't met you in London. If I hadn't, you would be safe. I should be the one to apologise." I started to cry. Why was it so unfair? Andrew had nothing to do with their business.

"I will miss you, Scarlett. But please, promise me you will survive."

I shook my head, "I can't promise I will... I wish things hadn't turned that way. But if I don't survive, will you wait for me up there?" I muttered and he laughed gently.

"You always said you would end up in Hell! So I'd rather wait for you down there!" he teased me, winking.

"I will miss you more, Andrew. Please, forgive me." I cried on his shoulder as we hugged for a last time on the narrow platform.

It soon was time for me to step into the train. I walked in and turned around to wave for a last time at my best friend. He waved back while walking away, a sad smile on his face.

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