Shadows *complete*

They were five. They were at the top. Until that day, two years ago. Five became three.
They never understood what had truly happened. Until that day, two years too late.
« I'm afraid it's time to say Goodbye. »


36. Kill me




{POV change in this chapter}

* Louis' POV *

He was standing there a few seconds ago. He was breathing in front of me a few seconds ago. He was talking a few seconds ago. But one second changed everything. One second and one bullet. One shot and he collapsed. His tall and impressive figure now was lying on the floor. His T-shirt wasn't white anymore. Slowly it was turning red and his blood was streaming closer to my feet.

No. It couldn't have happened. The body lying on the ground couldn't be Liam's.

The bullet couldn't have touched him.

Even though I couldn't take my eyes off the corpse, I noticed Niall had collapsed on his knees and that Zayn succeeded releasing himself free. The latter was standing beside Niall and had gripped one of his shoulders, the one without bandage.

"Look, Scarlett just passed out. It's your turn, Louis." Paul had put away his gun and now was getting closer toward Scarlett and Gemma, not caring at all about what he had just done. Who was that man standing in front of me? How could I have thought I knew him?

"Move, Gemma. Now!" Paul's voice spat sharply. Gemma didn't answer or move. She wasn't even looking at him.

"I said move!" he yelled again.  But this time he grabbed her arm and pulled her away.

"Don't you touch me. Don't even approach me. You monster, Paul. Don't you think you caused enough pain?" She tried to resist but he was stronger. And without even seeming to make any efforts, he threw her across the room.

"Louis," he called me. "You kept repeating you were looking forward to that moment. Then what are you waiting for? Finish what we started!"

What we started... Fuck, what have we started? It went so bad! Liam was dead! What the hell have we started?! There was blood everywhere. Liam's blood. Harry's blood. Scarlett's blood. That was too much.

I stepped forward and took my gun out of my jacket.

"Louis! What are you doing? Stop! Please! I beg you not to kill anyone!" Eleanor's voice echoed in the room. I could hear she was crying.

Eleanor... I wished you had never known. I wished I hadn't left you. I wished we could still be together. I wished you could forgive me... But those wishes couldn't erase my mistakes and time couldn't turn back.

"Louis!" she yelled one more time but I didn't glance at her. If I did, it would kill me. I didn't want to see the look on her face.

I kept on moving closer toward Scarlett's body and stopped when close to her feet. Slowly, I lifted up the gun toward her chest and put my finger on the trigger.

"Do it, Louis." I knew Paul smirked when speaking.

"Louis! No!" This time, Zayn and Niall screamed.

But I didn't press the trigger. I lifted my gun higher and pointed it out at Paul as fast as I could.
"You're like Liam, Louis. You pretend you're strong and tough but you can't kill anyone. You can't kill Scarlett. You can't kill Harry, Niall and Zayn. And you can't kill me."

A grim smile appeared on his face as he suddenly started to move across the room. He kept on looking me straight in the eyes while he slowly was moving around the room. I followed him with my gun still pointed out at him.


Paul started to laugh. He had laughed way too much in my opinion. "You can't save him, Louis. Liam can't be saved." He made a pause and laughed after pronouncing his name. "You could have saved yourself. But you made the same mistake as Liam. And you shall pay in the same way. Let me remind you that YOU asked me for help. YOU wanted revenge. I only agreed to help you, nothing more. You can't blame me for making what I've been asked to do at first."

"Shut up! Shut the hell up!" I had felt angry almost every day since two years. But never in the same way as now.

"It's hard to hear the truth, isn't it?"

Suddenly he stopped walking but carried on talking, "I said you would pay. But I didn't say how."

And before I could anything, he took out his gun and pointed it out at Eleanor's head.

"Let's be honest, Louis. Everything started two years ago because of her. You wanted revenge because of her. Eleanor is the reason why all this is happening. Liam died because of her."

"Paul! No! It's not her fault! How can you say something like that?" I burst out.

Not Eleanor. Leave her alone, you monster. She has nothing to do with what's happening today.

"But you said it yourself, Louis." I didn't! No! I would never have said something like that!

"Hurt me or kill me but don't touch her, Paul." I couldn't let her get involved. I knew she hated me now. How could I blame her? But I still loved her. And there was no way she would get hurt.
Paul didn't move his gun away but only spoke one word, "interesting."

A silence followed and I could see Eleanor was shaking.

"Let's make a deal. You kill Scarlett and I'll let Eleanor stay alive. Deal?"

Gemma, sitting in a corner, was the first to yell, "Deal? That's not a deal! That's nonsense! What the hell you think you're asking Louis to do? He's a bit more human than you are!" Paul glanced toward her but ignored her.

"So, Louis, deal?"

I couldn't agree. I couldn't kill Scarlett. But I couldn't let him kill Eleanor! I barely knew Scarlett but she deserved to live anyway. But I had to save Eleanor. It wouldn't make her forgive me but she had to stay alive.

So... deal?

But all of the sudden, the sound of a gunshot exploded in the room.

No! He didn't...!

But when I looked up, it wasn't Eleanor lying on the floor.

It was Paul. Paul's lifeless body.

But how?

I turned around and saw Niall holding a gun in his hand. A slim smoke was escaping from the hole of the bullet.

I recognized it at once. It was Liam's gun. Niall must have taken it and shot when no one expected it.

"It's over..." Zayn whispered. He still was holding Niall's shoulder while the latter had thrown away the gun.

"Eleanor!" I saw Gemma running toward her friend and hugged her in the strongest way possible.

"We have to hurry, Gemma. Scarlett and Harry both passed out and they keep losing blood!" she exclaimed, trying to sound calm but shock was clearly audible in her voice. She took out her phone and dialled a short number.

"It's over," I repeated. Eleanor was safe; she still was alive. I opened my fingers and let my gun fall on the ground. That thing had caused too many damages.

Then, I walked back toward Liam's body and knelt down beside him.

"It's over, Liam," I murmured.

I closed his eyelids and couldn't hold my tears any longer.

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