Shadows *complete*

They were five. They were at the top. Until that day, two years ago. Five became three.
They never understood what had truly happened. Until that day, two years too late.
« I'm afraid it's time to say Goodbye. »


30. Innocent


*Surprise! Another special chapter in a guy's POV!*


Louis' POV

"Put that gun away, Louis," a deep and familiar voice said calmly but firmly behind my back.
I didn't move an inch but stayed focus on Harry who was looking at me without blinking. How was he doing so? I knew that was all fake! Why did he pretend to be strong when he is not in the right position to?

I felt an arm on my shoulder, pushing me away from Harry, and a hand taking the gun from mine.

"I know you're getting impatient, Louis. But one more day won't change our final plan. Don't make something now you could regret." Paul tightened my shoulder, forcing me to look up at him.

I pushed his hand away and shrugged my shoulders. Why couldn't he understand that I had enough to wait? Wait, wait and wait! That was all we did for two years.

"I won't regret doing something like that," I spat but Paul didn't answer.

I glanced over his shoulder and noticed Harry leaned against the wall with a smirk on his face. My fists clenched and I felt the vein on my temple pound faster. How dared he look at me that way? He had no right to!

But he seemed to notice me watching him so he raised an eyebrow and a smile appeared on his face. That was too much!

I ran past Paul and threw myself at Harry, gripping his shirt.

"You can smile, Styles. Avail yourself of doing so while you still can!"

How could he still smile after what happened? How could he still dare looking at me or Liam in the eyes?

His facial expression didn't change and my anger reached the highest level ever. Before he could even realize what was happening, I punched him hard in the stomach.

His face froze as he winced loudly of pain and fell down on his knees.

"Be sure I'll erase that smile of yours forever! I don't see why you should be smiling!" I yelled at him, feeling unable to calm myself down. It all needed to get out. He couldn't imagine how much they disgusted me now.

I didn't expect an answer but Harry's feeble voice whispered, "hope."

Hope? That was what made him smile? That was one of the stupidest thing I had ever heard. And that made me laugh. Only my laughter echoed through the room but I didn't care.

"What are you hoping for? You can't hope anymore now!"

"I can." Stop answering, Harry. Stop fucking answering!

"Don't tell you truly think she will come to save you? How can you think she's your last hope!" I muttered, kneeling beside him.

"She saved her life. Why should she care about yours? If it can make you feel better, just know you both will end your life the same way, free or not."

The pain on his face faded away and became anger.

"No everyone is like you, Tomlinson! Just because you became selfish doesn't mean she will act the way you would have!"

Selfish? Me? But about you, Harry? How dared he speak about fucking selfishness?

"And how do you think she will save you? She has no one to help her and that would be suicidal to come back here." I smirked. Whatever she could try to do, she would end up dead.

"She can find someone to help her. She's not as harmless as you think she is." A smirk appeared on his face as if to show me there was a flaw in our plan. Stop being so arrogant and self confident. You could regret that, Styles.

"And by someone, you mean Gemma, don't you?" I knew the sentence would make the effect of a bomb but I wasn't expecting his face to change that much. It was obvious that he sent her at Gemma's. He wouldn't have told her to go at his mother's. So there only was Gemma left. Plus he gave his necklace; surely as a proof.

He changed dramatically from angry to worried and scared. At last.

"Don't you even dare..." he started to threaten but I cut him off.

"I take that as a yes, then." And I smiled at him.

I still was knelt down in front of him but he suddenly jumped toward me. He grabbed the collar of my tee-shirt and my eyes met his angry ones.

"Leave the both of them alone. They are innocent!" he yelled.

That was not frightening at all. He had no right to tell me what to do. And I surely won't feel pity because he asked me too. Hell no!

"Your sister is. But Scarlett is not. Want to know what? I'll spare your sister's life. After all, you need someone to mourn you on your funerals day."

He started to shake and I could tell he was boiling with anger but I could not care less. Then, he moved his hand toward my throat but before he could reach it, Liam pulled him off me.

"That's enough, Harry," the latter said calmly, "you have to keep in mind that you're gonna lose. No matter what." And he brought him to the other side of the small room.

I stood up slowly and kept on talking to Harry. It would make him angry and I fucking liked it.
"You almost got out of control. And I'll make her pay for what you did." I grinned at him and walked out of the room, heading back to the kitchen.


Soon afterwards, I was rejoined by Liam and Paul. Paul was smiling at me and Liam didn't show any emotions. I sighed discreetly. To be honest, I thought Liam was too kind for what we were doing. He asked too much questions and I knew he had felt pity on Scarlett. But we both had been through the same things. He won't step back at the last minute. I knew he was starting to get impatient too. I really was looking forward to the end of that wicked plan!

"I think you shouldn't hunt Scarlett down, Louis," Paul told me and I raised an eyebrow. "She will come here for sure. So why go looking for her when all we have to do is wait for her?" He winked. I didn't know his plan but I started liking it more and more.

"We'll set her a trap."


"Harry will decoy her into her trap of course!" I smiled widely.

"You evil, Paul! And I love that!"

He nodded before turning toward Liam.

"You can do what I told you." Liam smirked and ran back downstairs.

"What..." but Paul raised his hand to shush me.

A few seconds later, the silence was broken by the echo of Harry's scream.

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