Shadows *complete*

They were five. They were at the top. Until that day, two years ago. Five became three.
They never understood what had truly happened. Until that day, two years too late.
« I'm afraid it's time to say Goodbye. »


16. Hunted down


"How did they find us? How?" I yelled in the room. "I don't understand!" Tears of fear ran down my face and I paced around the room. If I stopped, I'd collapse straight away.

"That's... I don't..." I couldn't speak anymore, my voice trembling after each word.

Niall walked toward me and put his hands on my shoulders, squeezing them slightly.

"You must have something on you or your clothes which enables them to find you." I opened my mouth to speak but he placed his hand on my lips.

"You said I'd be safe for a while. But you won't be." I shook my head, crying even more. Why was he saying so? None of us would be safe with them. He’d be hurt and I’d be dead.
"They want me first. Not you."

He took my hand and gave me his car's key.

"I'll try to gain as much time as possible. Reach the car and drive away as far as you can!" I shook my head without being able to protest. He grabbed my hand and pushed me out of the room.

“I can’t let you do that! I’ll face them with you!”

"You won’t! If they get you, the only thing you’ll face is Death! Go! Now!" I nodded slowly and ran along the corridor. I ran past the emergency exit but I knew I couldn't take it. They would expect us to get out from there. I was sure one of them was waiting at the bottom of the stairs.
I noticed a room was open so I rushed in, no matter who was inside.

"Sorry, the room is not ready yet, dear," a cleaning lady told me. I smiled at her and opened the nearest closet before grabbing clothes. I couldn’t keep mine if that was how they found us.

"Is there another exit than the emergency one?" I asked her quickly. She didn't answer.

"Please! Is there another way?" I repeated, my heart pounding faster as I thought I had heard footsteps in the corridor.

She pointed out at the window and I ran toward it. On the wall outside was a ladder. I felt relieved. I had never been lucky but this time I was and I'd anything not to get caught again. I quickly got down and soon found myself running toward Niall's car. I ran as fast as I could, without knowing where it was parked. It was dark and I couldn’t clearly see where I was going.  But I noticed it a few meters away after a while and sped up, ignoring the throbbing pain in my chest.

I stepped inside and threw the clothes away before starting off. My sight was blurred by tears and I was hardly breathing but I didn't care. Niall gave me a chance to escape and I couldn't waste it. It was time to flee away. My hands on the steering-wheel; I was ready to go.

But the sudden sound of a gun shoot echoing in the night made me froze. No. They hadn't... They couldn't... More and more tears flew down my cheeks and it felt like my heart would get out of my chest.

Ignoring the part of me yelling I should go back inside, I started to drive away.

Why had he decided to sacrifice himself? I should have been stronger. If I had, neither him nor Harry would be in danger. If I had been, I wouldn't be on the run after Niall sacrificed himself to save me. Would he really be safe? I didn't know how long it would take them to get the last member but it now was a matter of time. They wouldn't be safe long.

Harry...Niall... Forgive me.




I drove for a long time without stopping. I glanced every few seconds at the rear view mirror but saw no headlights behind me. It was dark, the road was narrow and empty and the fear hadn't left me.

Did they go back in London once they had caught Niall? It wouldn't change anything. I knew I couldn't hide for ever even though I was heading north, far from them. There would come a time when I'd have to face them. And everything would be over. But I couldn't leave this world without trying anything against them. I had to find a way to save Niall and Harry. I owe that to Niall and I promised it to Harry. And I will do it. Even though it'd be the last thing I'd do, I couldn't let them down. They needed me otherwise we would all die without fighting.

More hours went by and as I reached Sheffield, I noticed I wouldn't be able to go any further. There was no gas anymore in the car. I parked Niall's car in an empty parking place and grabbed the clothes before stepping out. I stopped for a while and looked around me, smiling weakly. I had moved many times but this city remained the place where I had spent my childhood. The familiar feeling of the city gave me a light relief. I felt slightly safe here.

I started to walk away in the empty streets, looking for a place to get changed.

After a while, I found public toilets and rushed in to change clothes. Niall might have been right, there must have been something in me which enables them to find me wherever I'd go.
I left the clothes in a bin and ran away, looking all the time around me and jumping every time I heard a sound.

If I wanted to save Harry and Niall, I first had to have a plan. Things didn't get the way I expected them to. If only I hadn't agreed to run away... Niall would have been safe and there would be one month left to find a plan.

This time I needed help. But I needed someone I knew wouldn't freak out or think I was mad. And I knew who the perfect person was.

I made my way toward the familiar place I had spent so many times in. But as I got closer, I wondered what I would do if he wasn't there. He had to be there though... He was our last chance.

I finally reached the house and checked the letter box to be sure he still was living there.


A. Peterson

I smiled and rang, catching my breath as the minutes went by slowly.
"What the hell..." I heard him shouting behind the door. "Scarlett?" He froze.


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