Shadows *complete*

They were five. They were at the top. Until that day, two years ago. Five became three.
They never understood what had truly happened. Until that day, two years too late.
« I'm afraid it's time to say Goodbye. »


27. Gemma


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"You believe me?" I inquired, shocked. Taking her breath back, she nodded.

"I do!"

"Now?" I didn't really believe it even though a wave of relief had overran me when I heard her calling me back.

She nodded a second time and said fiercely, "I do believe you now."

A wide relieved smile appeared on my face and I collapsed on the ground; my legs completely out of strengths.

"Thank you!" Tears rolled down my face without me being able to control them.

"Are you alright?" I heard anxiety in her voice as she placed her arm around my shoulders.

"Yes, I am! I feel so... so happy you believe me!" I noticed a weak smile on her face.

"Let's go in my house, Scarlett. We can't stay here all day! And you need to rest and shower," she teased me. Feeling I had turned red of shame, I giggled and stood up to follow her.


Once in her house, she told me I could go and shower first before we talked. She handed me some of her clothes and led me to the bathroom. I thanked her and entered the small room after she waved off my acknowledgements.

"That's nothing! Just a shower and clothes, you know!" she had exclaimed playfully before walking away.

I had never felt so happy about taking a shower before. It kinda cheered me up a bit, making me feel slightly better. Although I knew washing wouldn't make things better at all.

After quickly getting dressed, I made my way back to the living-room. But Gemma wasn't there.

"Hey!" Her voice came from behind me as she entered the room, holding a tray. She placed it on the table and sat down. I did the same.

"I made some tea!" she told me with a smile, handing me a cup.

"Thank you!"

For a while, none of us talked. We just added sugar and milk in our cups.

"Gemma? Can I ask you something?" She nodded, sipping her tea.

"Why did you suddenly change your mind?" She put the cup back on the table and replied gently,

"First, you gave me Harry's necklace. He doesn't take it off to give it to anybody often!"
"He said it was a proof I'm not lying."

"He must have known I wouldn't believe you..." she whispered, looking down at her hands. She took a deep breath and carried on,

"And then, my phone rang. It was a call from my mum saying Harry didn't answer any of her calls. So let's say, it just popped in my head. What you said explained why he didn't answer her. He usually answers even when he's away."

"So what did you tell her?"

"I said he probably was on an unexpected business trip to find inspiration or something like that and that was the reason why he didn't answer. She believed me because it happened once or twice." I nodded and took a sip of my tea, not knowing what else to say.

"Now, tell me what's happening, Scarlett. Where is Harry?" I looked up at her and saw in her eyes how worried she was about her brother.

"Well I shouldn't have been there to explain it to you. I am the person who should never have interfered in that story." I saw her raise an eyebrow. "I witnessed something but couldn't run away. I got caught. I have been kidnapped and forced to help my kidnappers to make their plans work out."

She looked sad and I could notice pity in her eyed as she looked at me. Then she spoke, "who kidnapped you?"

I didn't know if I should tell her the truth. Maybe I should do the same thing as I did with Niall: tell her I didn't know. She didn't believe at first so she would think I was mad now. No, I couldn't tell her.

I shook my head at her answer and replied, "I don't know..."

"And what about their plans, then?" She looked slightly disappointed after my reply.

"Well, I'm sure there's no need to explain you what happened to two band mates of your brother. The kidnappers want to get rid of the three remaining members: Harry, Zayn and Niall."

She gasped and stared at me as if she was expecting me to deny everything I just told.

"And the three of them got caught. It's just a matter of time now..."

"And how did you come here then?"

"I had an opportunity to escape to look for help. And Harry told me to come to see you."

She buried her head in her hands and I heard her curse.

"We need to find something then! Quickly." She exclaimed with anger a few seconds afterwards.

"I don't know how to help them... it will be the last thing I will do and I don't even know if it will succeed. I feel useless!" I whispered and a tear rolled down my face. I wiped it away quickly. I couldn't cry anymore. Enough crying. We had to find a way to release them.

I felt Gemma's hand on my arm and she squeezed it, "you found me, Scarlett. You're not alone anymore. We'll find something."

I nodded.

"You promise you'll try to save them?"

She looked surprised but slowly nodded, "I promise. But stop talking as if you were going to die."

"But I am going to. I don't know how I could escape them."

Unexpectedly, she stood up and moved closer toward me before pulling me into a hug. Then she looked me in the eyes, holding my shoulders in her hands.

"Listen to me, Scarlett. You are not going to die. Okay?" I nodded shyly.

"Plus, Harry will want his necklace back and you shall be the one to give it to him once it will be over!" she winked and I chuckled.

She took the tray back to the kitchen and exclaimed from the door frame a short while after,
"Let's go!"

"Where?" I asked surprised.

"We will discreetly go to the place where they are captive and think of a way to get them out while driving. And then, we'll come back here. I need to know where they are, that's all." I nodded, hoping we wouldn't get caught.

She led me to her car in the garage but as we were going to step in, she told me she had forgotten something. She rushed back in the house and I heard her steps fading away.



"Here! Take that!" She said once back, handing me a beanie and sunglasses. I stared at her wonderingly as she pulled her hair in a ponytail and put sunglasses on as well.

"They won't recognize us! It will just be two girls in a car, making their way through London!" She smiled and stepped in her car. I did the same and pulled the beanie on.

But as she was about to start off, her phone rang.

"Yes?" she said in the phone.

But her expression changed suddenly. She didn't speak but only listen to the other person. Her face froze and all of the sudden, she dropped her phone.

She leaned against her seat and tears started to stream down her face. She was slightly shaking.

"No. That's a lie. He... he can't be... he can't be dead?" She turned her face to look in my direction and I saw straight away any kind of happiness had left her eyes.

"He can't be dead..." she repeated.

"Who is dead, Gemma?"

"They found his lifeless body in his flat. My boyfriend is dead." More and more tears falling down her cheek, she started to sob loudly. And there was nothing I could do apart from holding her in my arms and feeling her tears wetting the clothes.

"What's his name?" I whispered.

Slowly, she pulled away from me and grabbed her phone back. She looked for something in her phone and showed it to me a few seconds later.

"His name is Josh. Josh Devine."

And I looked down at her phone, watching the picture on which both of them seemed so happy. But I froze as I recognized his boyfriend's face.

It was the guy that nearly got killed on that night. The guy who bumped into me before running away. The guy Louis hadn't shot down that night. Josh was his name.

"His mum called me. He committed suicide." Those words seemed to be unbearable for her to say as she cried even harder.

"Gemma," I called her and she seemed to calm down slightly. "He didn't commit suicide. It was a murder."



A.N: I know Gemma and Josh are not dating in real life! I don't know much about her, to be honest. It's just in the story!! It's only for the plot!

Well... They were dating in the story... That's sad...

Thanks for reading, liking, fave and commenting! x


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