Shadows *complete*

They were five. They were at the top. Until that day, two years ago. Five became three.
They never understood what had truly happened. Until that day, two years too late.
« I'm afraid it's time to say Goodbye. »


33. Despicable


"Right. Shoot me down, Liam. I think it must be the third time I'm told so. Maybe you should do it for once?" It wasn't even sarcastic. It was the truth and they knew it. And annoy them a bit more or a bit less won't change anything.

"Shut up. You're looking forward to your own death or what?" Louis was the one to answer with anger.

"Maybe she is, Louis. But I know what to do before her end." Paul's speech took me aback and all I was able to do was look at him agape.

"Whatcha mean?" Gemma asked sharply.

Paul laughed for a few seconds, "Scarlett had been asking so many times why we wanted to kill these three guys."


Paul carried on on the same tone, a small smile formed on his lips, "our explanations will be the last thing she will hear before passing away." Gemma didn't answer.

"We finally have the right to know? Too nice of you, guys!" Zayn said weakly with sarcasm but loud enough to be heard by everyone.

Louis looked daggers at him, clenching his fist as if ready to make him shut up, but he didn't move. Instead, he just sighed. "We waited long enough! We have no explanation to give to anyone! They're gonna die so it doesn't matter whether they know or not!" He didn't stop staring at Paul while talking so he surely didn't notice Liam nodding beside him.

Paul shrugged his shoulders. "You don't have any kind of influence on me for that kind of decisions." Simple but effective enough to silence the two men, who seemed ready to protest.

"Go on, then!" Louis spat, crossing his arms on his chest. But Paul shook his head and walked over Liam, placing a hand on his shoulder when he reached his side.

"I can tell the end but only you can explain properly the beginning."
"Can we know now? Stop the useless blabla and talk!" Harry yelled. But this time, Louis didn't hesitate on punching him in the stomach.

Liam made a sign to Louis, as if he was thanking him and began speaking, "it started two years ago when Louis and I decided to fake our deaths. We really weren't sure whether to do it or not. We doubted a lot, felt guilty, tried but gave in straight away many times. But finally we decided to disappear for real. Louis was the one to decide so because he couldn't take anything anymore." He was about to carry on but Louis began talking, cutting him off,
"In fact, I didn't make it for me. I made that decision for Eleanor. We were getting to much hate and we had been told way too many times that our couple wasn't real. If I choose to disappear, it was because I thought that maybe she would be better off without me and the hate." He stopped but no one else spoke, even though Niall seemed to be wanting to desperately.

Liam nodded and spoke again, "And I agreed with Louis because there was too much hate against me and Sophia too. It felt like no one among our fans wanted to accept she was my girlfriend. It drove me mad. So one day, we disappeared." He breathed a few seconds. "No need to tell you how we lived afterwards. We stayed hidden, making sure to almost never go out. And surprisingly, it seemed for a while that our plan worked because the fandom never had been so bonded. And hate had stopped for the girls, who received caring and compassionate messages. We thought for a while that maybe we could come back after having built up a lie on why and how we disappeared."

"But we had to be sure when to do our come back," Louis muttered, looking down at his hands.

"So we started to stalk Eleanor, Sophia and the three of you." He pointed out his old mates and went on, "but we shouldn't have done so. We thought you were missing us. But we were wrong. Only a few weeks after we disappeared, it was as if we had never existed. Everyone seemed to be happy and everything was back to normal apart from the tour which had been cancelled." I noticed Louis clenching his fists, his arms shaking slightly as he talked. But he remained quiet afterwards.

"And one day, I accidentally met Liam," Paul said. "He was running and bumped into me. He looked scared when he recognised me but he surely wasn't as surprised as I was. And since that day, I went to see the boys almost every day. They explained me everything and they looked so angry. At first, I tried to calm them down; trying to show them they were wrong. But then, an event changed everything I said couldn't be true anymore."

"What happened?" Gemma asked impatiently. She was looking pretty angry, almost about to run toward one of the men and hit him as hard as she could. I walked toward her and grabbed her hand, squeezing it tightly to calm her down a bit. She tightened my fingers back but so hard that I thought she would break my bones.

"One song happened. The remaining member of the band had been invited to a show and they sang an old song of ours, singing our parts as if they had never been ours."

"How could you think something like that? We had no choice! We argued for months with the management not to perform but it didn't work. So, yes, we sang. But you don't know how hard it had been for us! You don't know how bad we felt for days afterwards! We regret that performance more than anything!" Harry's anger made him explode. But Louis completely ignored him, not even bothering to look at him.

Paul spoke calmly after Harry, pretending he hadn't heard either.

"I had never seen the boys in that kind of state. One day, I arrived at their home and they told me they needed my help. They wanted revenge. You needed to pay for what you had done, they said. So that's when we decided to make up a plan to get you and kill you."

Speechless. The boys, Gemma and I were speechless. They explained everything with plain expressions on their face and no feeling apart from anger in their voices. Those three men couldn't be human.

"No. That is stupid. Too stupid." Gemma was shaking, tears falling down her face as she looked toward Liam.

"Why did that make you angry? YOU chose to disappear. YOU made the choice to flee away from reality. YOU ARE COWARDS! You ruined so many lives by faking it all! And you dare complain about a situation that YOU made up!"

Everyone was staring at her and for once, Louis and Liam and Paul seemed to be shocked.
"Did you think of Eleanor and Sophia? How sad, grieved and sorrowful they could be because of your lack of maturity? Them being happy was just a facade! Because life has to go on! They pretended to be strong but they were too hurt to pretend too long! And all you were doing meanwhile was planning to kill everyone because you weren't missed enough in your opinions?" She paused, breathing heavily. "But how can you still look at your reflection in a mirror without feeling ashamed and guilty? The five members of the band received anger but they didn't decide to disappear. They were worried all the time while you were sitting somewhere and not even being in real danger."

"STOP, GEMMA! Don't talk about what you don't know!" Louis shouted with even more anger than her.

"What I don't know?! Yeah, you're right! I don't even want to know! You're DESPICABLE!" And then, tears took over her and she began sobbing and shaking harder than ever.

"Louis...Liam...Paul..." a voice suddenly came from behind me. "You disgust me."

I turned around and saw, standing in the door frame, Eleanor.




A.N : Who was expecting that? I hope it was worth waiting for! xx


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