Shadows *complete*

They were five. They were at the top. Until that day, two years ago. Five became three.
They never understood what had truly happened. Until that day, two years too late.
« I'm afraid it's time to say Goodbye. »


31. Blood



"By the front door?" I bit my lips and shook my head.

"Too dangerous. We open it and we're dead." Gemma nodded and sighed.

"A window then?" she spoke a few seconds after.

"How?" I asked a bit surprised.

"We break it and we're in! That's simple enough!"

"It is. Only if you know how to break a window. Do you?"

"Maybe it'll work if you run right into it?" She replied, amusement on her face.

"You go first then!" She pretended to be shocked and slapped my arm lightly.

"That ain't fun then!" And she faked pouted, making me laugh.

We had been planning how to save Niall, Zayn and Harry for many hours but it wasn't working. We only found how to go near the house but we were mainly wondering how it could be possible to break into the house without being noticed straight away. It was harder than we thought it would be. Escaping from their house had been much easier.

Though it had been hard to start working, Gemma seemed more and more implied. It was making her think of something else than today's tragedy and she looked slightly better. She was joking a bit and I have to admit I've never been so at ease with anyone only after a few hours. She was really nice and I quickly started to consider her as my friend already.

"Try to find something then!" she teased me and stuck her tongue at me.

"Maybe... maybe we could get through the chimney?" I said after a while, trying to sound very serious. But we both burst out laughing.

"So you think we should dress like Santa and enter by the chimney?" Gemma stuttered while laughing.

"That would be brilliant!" I exclaimed, my tummy aching because of laughter.

It took us a few minutes to calm down but we then tried to find serious idea.

"We should first reach the house and then we'll see. I think the garage's door probably will be opened so if it is, we'll get in that way."

"And if it isn't?"

I carried on, "if it isn't, we'll have to improvise. But I'm starting to think that the window thing could be a good idea." Gemma nodded.

"Scarlett," she called me and I looked up at her. She was about to speak but her stomach growled loudly.

"Let's make a pause, I'm starving!"

And without letting e say anything, she stood up and rushed into the kitchen.

"It's getting late! It's almost dinner time!" She exclaimed as I walked in the room.

She started to get a few ingredients out and then sat down on a chair.

"I feel too lazy to do anything great so let's make pasta!" I chuckled and nodded.

She looked for pasta and got out saucepans.

"Mind cutting the ham, please?" she asked, pointing out a box on the table.

"No problem!" And I started doing what she asked me.

We stayed silent for a while, each of us cooking happily.

But the doorbell broke the silence.

"Coming!" Gemma yelled, finishing quickly what she did.

She ran and opened the door. However no voices came from the hall.

Until Gemma screamed. I almost cut off my own finger when releasing the knife I held. I rushed toward her and saw she was knelt down beside the open front door, holding a small paper in her hands.

“Gemma?” I called her in a low voice while slowly walking closer toward her. She looked up at me and I noticed she had turned pale. Then, she handed me the paper and I read the short sentence.



The more you will wait, the slower his painful death will be...



Shock and anxiety filled me in as I read those words a second time. But then, I couldn’t hold back a scream when a detail hit me: the letters had been written with blood. All around the words were spread a few blood drops.

“I know that handwriting,” Gemma said in a whisper. “But I can’t remember whose it is.” I didn’t reply. It must be Louis’ handwriting. In Harry’s blood.

How had they found out where I was? Did they torture them? I didn’t even want to imagine what had happened in the house after I left.

“Gemma... I don’t give a shit if we don’t have a plan. We have to save them! Now!” I yelled, feeling anger overrunning me. That was too much. I couldn’t let them suffer any longer! We had to made everything we could to end that situation!

Gemma stood up and faced me as I started to shake. She hugged me tightly and spoke in a surprising calm voice, “It’s more dangerous by night. We can’t go there now. We’ll go there in the early morning. You need to rest.”

But I didn’t want to! I didn’t need to rest! Who knows what could happen to them while we’re still here? We had to help them right now! Or it would be too late.

However, all I did was nodded.

“It might be a trap, you know. They want you to get there!”

“I don’t care. I would have gone there no matter what. Whether they would have sent the letter or not,” I replied firmly as tears of both anger and fear formed in my eyes. I started sobbing and Gemma squeezed my shoulders.

“We’ll save them.”

I looked into her eyes and saw how determinate she was. Even though she seemed calm, I could barely imagine how angry she was. My anger must be nothing beside hers.

“You promise?”

“I promise, Scarlett.”

And I looked down with disgust at the small rumpled bloody paper in my hand.

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