Shadows *complete*

They were five. They were at the top. Until that day, two years ago. Five became three.
They never understood what had truly happened. Until that day, two years too late.
« I'm afraid it's time to say Goodbye. »


2. Alive



"What are you playing at, Liam?" an angry voice yelled not far from me, waking me up. I tried to open my eyes slowly but it took me a while. My head was aching way too much and I felt weak.

Meanwhile, the conversation carried on with an other voice talking,

"I'm not playing at anything. I am serious." The man who just spoke sighed loudly.

"Then why didn't you let me do it? It would have been done quickly!" That voice sounded familiar. I had already heard it a short time ago.

I finally succeeded opening my eyes but it didn't change anything. I was in the dark and it seemed I was lying on the floor as my whole body ached. Why was I lying there, by the way? Did I fall off my bed? No, I didn't. 

And then, I remembered. I remembered last night's events. Fear overran me at once as I thought of what I had seen. I started pinching my arm but the pain was real. I wasn't dead then, was I? I didn't understand... I thought those two men wanted to kill me; I remembered the gun pointed out at me. 

Somewhere out of the room, the two voices still were arguing and I recognised them. The two men hadn't let me escape. They probably had kidnapped me. But how come I couldn't remember it?

"You have planned something. I know it's true. Don't lie, Liam." What were they talking about?

"I haven't. I just had no other choice and you better not forget it, Louis. You know very well what would have happened if you had done it!"

Then, I heard footsteps and light filled the room. I closed my eyes straight away, not wanting them to know I was awake. The footsteps got closer and I felt someone sit down beside me.
"I know you're awake," I recognised the man with the calm voice; the one with brown eyes. I opened my eyes and looked up at the ceiling.

"Why am I here? And where am I?" I asked him in a sharp tone. He chuckled.

"You're a witness. You didn't think we would let you go? Don't you remember what I told you?" He laughed for a short time. Then, a long silence followed and I could feel his stare on me.

"I know you," I whispered, breaking the silence. "Everyone wonders what happened to you and your mate. Everyone is looking for you but here you are, playing the criminals. Wh..." But I couldn't finish because he put his finger on my mouth.

"We're not playing. And they can do whatever they want, we won't come back in the band. Nor in the real world we used to belong to. Now we're in the shadow of that world." For the first time, I turned my head to look at him and saw him smirking.

"Why?" I asked him and he didn't reply. "Why, Liam?" I repeated, hoping I had made no mistake and that he wasn't Louis. 

"I have no explanations to give you."

He stood up and paced around the small room for a while, though still staring at me. I tried to avoid his look but I couldn't. That man was frightening me. I had no idea what would happen next.

I decided to sit up but winced as my limbs were hurting in the worst way ever.

"Why didn't you kill me?" I whispered,  afraid of the answer he might give me. He suddenly stopped walking and knelt down in front of me, his face inches from mine.

"Having to deal with a dead body brings too many troubles." I swallowed as a grim smile appeared on his face. What did that mean? They didn't...

"And I couldn't have done that..." He put his hand on my cheek and started stroking it. I slapped his hand away and moved backwards, getting more and more scared of him. He just laughed.
"The reason why you still are alive is because we need you. You will be our accomplice." I shook my head. "We don't give you the choice! You will be whether you want it or not."
I buried my head on my hands. Why did I see what had happened? What was I going to be involved in?

"That's why you are not dead. Not yet, though." I froze as his last words echoed in my mind. I then felt his hands on mine as he pushed them away from my face to look at me.

"Starting from now, you are joining in our plans. You shall become our decoy." 

He got up and left the room.

Their decoy?

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