Veronica, the girl who had her brother's life spared in exchange for her own to be taken, was a vampire living on the outskirts of London with her boyfriend, Edward (also a vampire). When she meets a dark stranger (Peter), she soon begins to slowly fall madly in love with him. But little did she know, both Edward and Peter's clans were sworn enemies since the early 1600s. She will find herself torn between the man she loves and the family she has fought with. Will she continue to fight with the man she once loved, or will she face the consequences?

*An Original story


5. This Isn't Goodbye

“Veronica… Help me!” Veronica woke up with a cold sweat, panting heavily. Peter immediately sat up beside her, asking her what was wrong. Tears were streaming down her cheeks before she even began to speak. Peter pulled her close to him, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. “I have to find my brother. I have to find him.” Veronica said, looking up at Peter. “He’s out there somewhere. For all I know, he’s scared and hungry and alone. I have to-”

“Veronica, we’ll find your brother but first, we must deal with Edward.” Peter said. Veronica nodded, then ran a hand through her long hair. She got out of bed and opened a window. The summer heat was getting to her. Six months had gone by she had last seen Edward and for now, she was safe. She was still staying in the old woman’s home who had just recently passed away. “Come back to bed.” Peter said, reaching his arms out towards her direction. Veronica looked at him, then walked over to the bed and got in as Peter wrapped his arms around her.

Veronica laid her head on his chest, listening to the sound of his heart. “I can’t sleep Peter. What if Edward had found my brother and-”

“I think your brother is smart enough to know that he should stay away from dangerous people.” Peter interrupted.

“Edward could’ve taken him Peter. He could use my own brother against me.”

“First thing in the morning, we’ll go out and look for you brother. Now, you should get some rest. We have a long day ahead of us.” Veronica nodded and began to fall asleep in the comfort of Peter’s arms. She had never met a man like Peter. He was different than all of the men she had encountered, including Edward. She saw that Peter was a kind man, protective, and wasn’t a brute like Edward. She had fallen for Peter and she wasn’t going to deny her feelings for him. The next morning, Veronica and Peter immediately left the town. They were traveling by foot because they figured that it would be faster.

They arrived in a town located outside of the village where Veronica had once grew up in. As they entered the town, some of the people were looking at them as if they knew who they were. “Your kind are not welcome in these parts.” A man walked up to them. Veronica had a sudden urge to rip out the man’s throat, but Peter had been holding her back. “We are only passing through and came to ask a few questions.” Peter said calmly. The man didn’t show any signs of being afraid, but still his actions were rigid. It was understandable that the man didn’t want to let his guard down when the vampires were in town. The man didn’t say a word in response to Peter’s statement.

“I’m just looking for my brother. His name is Jeremy. He has brown hair and brown eyes. I grew up with him in the town east of here. Please, I’m begging you. He is the only family I have left.” Veronica pleaded to the man. The man eyed her, but carefully as he turned around, he whistled. With a quick motion of his hand, called another man to come over. This man perfectly outlined the description of who could possibly be Jeremy. “Do you know this girl? She says she claims to know you.” The man said. Jeremy looked at Veronica while Peter stepped away, creating a bit of a distance. The similarities between the two were incredible - the same hair and eye color.

“My sister was killed by vampires.” Jeremy told her. Veronica shook her head and fought the urge to reach out to touch him. “Jeremy, I’m right here in front of you. You have to believe that I’m your sister.” she said. “Our parents were both killed by vampires.” Those were the only words she could say to him at the moment and hoped that they were enough to make him believe that it was her. Jeremy, of course, didn’t believe her and picked up the wood that had been carved into a stake. He was about to pierce it through her heart as he pinned her against the side of the house. One hand with a firm grip on her throat and the other wrapped around the wooden stake. Veronica bared her fangs, knocking the stake out of Jeremy’s hand and pushed him away.

“You are stubborn kid! I watched you for five years and this is how you repay me!? Your own sister!? Father didn’t want me to raise you this way. I sacrificed my life for you Jeremy. Now you’ve grown to hate me. You are still human because of me, you are still alive because of me. I saved your Germy little butt and you want to kill me.” Jeremy noticed that she had said a nickname he hadn’t heard since he was five. He remembered his sister calling him that name all the time because he didn’t want to take a bath. “Veronica?” he asked upon realizing the girl who was standing before him. “Sister…” He couldn’t believe that it was his sister.

Tears formed in his eyes as he hugged her and she hugged back. “I’m- I’m sorry.” Those were the only words he could muster. Veronica began to cry as well as she hugged her brother for the first time in years. “Your sister is an abomination to this world.” The man said as Veronica and her brother released from the hug. Veronica picked up the stake and was about to drive it through the man’s heart- “No. Veronica, he and his family took me in when I ran away that night. He was the closest thing I had to a father. Please, don’t- don’t kill him.” Jeremy stopped Veronica.

Veronica eyed the man, pulling back her fangs and tossed the stake to the side. “It’s getting dark. We should all head inside.” The man said, retreating to his house. Jeremy followed the man inside while Veronica and Peter lingered outside. “She’s not allowed in.” The man sat down at the table full of delicious food. “You both can come in.” Jeremy said, disobeying the man. Veronica and Peter entered the house, closing the door behind them. “I thought I told-”

“There are other vampires who are not like us and would want to kill you. You’re lucky that I care about my brother and his...well, you.” Veronica interrupted, sitting down at the table beside her brother. Peter sat across from them to give them space and to bond with one another. “Where have you been for twenty years?” Jeremy asked after taking a bite of his food.

“I’ve been living with the vampire that killed our parents. I lived with him so he won’t go out to find you and kill you. At least I know now you’re safe from him and I can end his reign once and for all.” Veronica answered.

“You can’t leave.”

“Jeremy,” She paused a moment, looking into his eyes to see that she had hurt him. She reached up, brushing his hair out of his face. “You’re my little brother. I’m not going to leave you. You are going to come with us… to America.”


“He is not going anywhere with you two.” The man said. Peter grabbed a knife, holding it to the man’s throat. Veronica urged Peter to put the knife down and then faced Jeremy. “Peter has home there. The three of us can live together and you can start a new life there. You’re gonna-”

“No. I’m not leaving my father.” Jeremy interrupted, getting up from the table and stormed out of the room. Veronica followed Jeremy outside, calling after him until he finally stopped walking. They were in the middle of the green meadow and for miles, they could see nothing else but grass. “I thought-”

“Veronica, I know you’re the older sibling here but you don’t speak for me anymore. I can speak for myself and I’m not leaving. I’ve made new friends here and the people here, they are like family. They’re much better than the family I left behind.”

“Don’t say that. We took care of you Jeremy. I took care of you. I taught you everything you needed to know and I deserve some respect for being your older sister. Obviously your ‘father’ doesn’t like me and it’s clear that I can’t stay here. I’m leaving tomorrow. So give me your answer by then because I’m leaving with or without you.” Veronica walked back to the house, leaving Jeremy outside alone. Jeremy was torn between a difficult he had to make - abandon the man he grew up calling his father or watching the only family he’s ever known walk out of his life… forever.

The next morning, Veronica and Peter were leaving. The man was glad that they were going. Jeremy hurried downstairs to catch his sister and Peter walking down the dirt road. He caught up to them, grabbing his sister’s arm to stop her. Veronica looked at Jeremy, seeing it in his eyes that he didn’t want to leave. She knew what his answer was going to be before he even said the words. “This isn't goodbye Jeremy. We’ll see each other soon, maybe in America.” she told him. She gave him a hug and could feel him tighten as she loosened her hold. She held onto him a little tighter, not wanting to let go either. “I’ll miss you sister.” Jeremy said before they pulled away.

“I’ll miss you too. I’m not going to forget about you.” Veronica pulled away, reaching up to touch her brother’s cheek. “You are a spitting image of our father. He would’ve been so proud to watch you grow up to become the young man you are, even I’m proud.” Everyone was watching from their homes, still afraid to go out. The man watched from his house, seeing how close the relationship was between Jeremy and Veronica. Veronica hugged her brother one last time before finally leaving with Peter. Within a blink of an eye, the two of them were gone.

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