Veronica, the girl who had her brother's life spared in exchange for her own to be taken, was a vampire living on the outskirts of London with her boyfriend, Edward (also a vampire). When she meets a dark stranger (Peter), she soon begins to slowly fall madly in love with him. But little did she know, both Edward and Peter's clans were sworn enemies since the early 1600s. She will find herself torn between the man she loves and the family she has fought with. Will she continue to fight with the man she once loved, or will she face the consequences?

*An Original story


8. Epilogue

Veronica's POV

I stared at the gravestone of the remnants of my family - Jeremy, his wife Victoria, and their two children, Jacob and Amber-Rose. Over a century has passed since the war days had been over, a new war has begun. A World War. I've seen so many fallen people die before me and of course, I had the urge to help them. I became a volunteer nurse for many of the injured soldiers. It is 1942. This war has gone on far too long, but I hardly don't know if it'll end.

I have been living in America for over a hundred years, still managing to keep the secret of being a vampire. I know that Edward is still out there, searching for me, hunting for me. I know that he's waiting for the right time to strike and I will be ready. I am always ready. I haven't seen him since the day he and Peter have fought that evening on the open grass field. I remember the images vividly in my mind.

The blood splattered everywhere, dead bodies lay on the ground with heads removed from their bodies. I've grown accustomed to people becoming sick from terrible diseases and seeing the casualties that lay fallen on the cold ground. I am used to the sound of bullets flying all around the campsite. I've helped nursed a lot of these soldiers back to full health, but I know that there's one soldier that I've been trying to find for years. Peter.

He and I have parted ways since then. Though, I do recall him saying that he'll enlist in the military. I know he's nineteen, but he could pass for much older. I smiled just thinking of the small arguments we would have that would end up with us in bed shortly after. Peter was my other half and I felt empty without him. I looked at all the faces of these soldiers and still, Peter wasn't amongst them.

As for my accent, I have trained myself to talk like the Americans here but I never lost my British accent. Sometimes I use my British accent to my advantage and it amuses me to see that it works every time. "Hurry, let's get this man a bed!" I heard one of the nurses call out. Jo was the head nurse and I watched as the man was moved from the gurney to the bed.

"Veronica, I need your help." Jo called out to me as I nodded, wiping my wet hands on my uniform. I walked over to her and she briefly went over the man's injuries with me. I looked over at the clipboard to see what his injuries were. Physically, I could see that blood was escaping from his abdomen. Quickly, I grabbed another cloth and pressed it down as he cried out in pain. Other girls came to my side and I told them that I had this man covered. "Giselle, help the patient that I was attending to." I told her.

Giselle, a red-head, nodded and went over to the patient I was helping in the other bed. I pulled the cloth from his abdomen and took another, dowsing it with alcohol to clean up the wound. I couldn't recognize his face since it was covered from dirt and mud from fighting outside. I looked around cautiously, taking a cup and bit into my wrist. I put some of my blood in the cup and gave it to him. "Here, take this." I whispered.

He looked at me with his bright green eyes and there was something familiar about the way the man looked at me. Without a moment to waste, he sipped the blood from the cup and the wound began to close. I threw the cup away in the trash, then proceeded to place a bandage on his abdomen. I placed a bit of blood from my wrist on to the bandage so it'd look like it was bleeding and eventually it would stop.

"What's your name?" The man asked me, lying in the bed.

"Veronica." I answered.

"You have a beautiful name for a young maiden like you." he smiled. Before I could ask him his name, I was called again. I stood up and went to help another injured soldier. I turned over my shoulder to see the man I had helped lying in bed. There was something about him that was oddly familiar, but I shook the image out of my head. It couldn't have been... I doubt it was.

Finally it was the end of the World War and the start of a new decade. I was enjoying the beautiful sunlight, shining down upon my face. I still couldn't get the image of that man out of my head. Why didn't I ask him his name when I had the chance to? For heaven's sake Veronica, get a hold of yourself. I thought, silently cursing under my breath.

I decided to take a stroll around the town and entered one of the jewelry stores. I was eying a lovely pearl necklace, but alas, I had no money to spend. "I would like to see this pearl necklace immediately." A man's voice came out of nowhere. The shopkeeper nodded and took out his key. I turned to my right and there was the man I had met during the time of the war.

The necklace was taken out and set on the counter. I looked at it and it was beautiful. "I'd like to buy this necklace for this lovely lady." The man smiled. The shopkeeper nodded once again and told the man the price. The man paid for the necklace and I watched as it was carefully put into the box. "No need to put it in a box." The man said, then took the necklace out of the box. He politely asked me to turn around. I did as he was told and he latched the necklace around my neck.

I turned and faced the man, looking up into his bright green eyes. We walked out of the store together and got in his car. "Who are you?" I asked him as he drove down the street. His eyes were focused on the main highway and he just smiled. Why won't he tell me his name? "I know you hide a British accent Veronica." he said, approaching my house. How did he-

My thoughts were interrupted when he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I didn't even pull away from the kiss. After a minute, we both pulled away to catch our breath. "Peter…?" I breathed and he reached up, caressed my cheek. He smiled and his eyes began to brighten.

Tears began to form in my eyes as we reached out and gave each other a hug. "You don't know how long I've searched for you." I said, snuggling my face into his neck.

"I'm here now." he told me. "Let's go inside and talk." We pulled away as I nodded, then got out of the car. We entered my house and I offered him a drink, but he politely declined. We sat down on the couch and he began telling his story. I listened intently of the story he explained to me about his travels since we last saw each there. He had been searching for me as well.

He heard that I had volunteered as a nurse during the wartimes and he was already in the military. He had barely survived both wars. "When you told me your name, I couldn't believe that it was you. I thought you had gone back to England. I didn't know you'd stay here." he said.

"England gives me a lot of bad memories Peter, but there's a few good ones. For instance, the night I met you by the creek. I honestly wouldn't have thought that you'd be apart of my life and when you were gone from me, I was nothing. I did try to move on, but it was difficult. I just didn't love anyone as much as I loved you.

"Of course I decided to stay here in America. I would occasionally move from place to place in fear that someone would notice that I don't age. I'm just glad that in this current city, I can live on the outskirts away from the watching eyes of suspicious people. I didn't give up on trying to find you.

"I volunteered as a nurse because I knew you'd be in the military. I've helped many injured men, but none of them were you. When they brought you in and I saw your green eyes, I didn't want anyone else to help you. It's as if I knew it was you, but I couldn't be so sure and now, now I'm sure." I took his hands in mine, looking into his beautiful eyes. "I love you Peter, more than you know."

. . .

Peter and I have decided to travel to England, just to see if anything has changed. To our surprise, it has. There were still some old buildings that stand before us as we walk by. "I feel like a tourist walking through the town again." I let out a small laugh. We held hands as we walked by the shops that lined the street. "You're a tourist? You know how hard it is for an American to blend in?" Peter asked with a smirk.

I simply rolled my eyes and we traveled further to the country side. I doubt that Edward's castle still stands. We approached the area and there were only remains of what was left of the castle I once called home. Still, Edward was nowhere to be found. Had he given up his search? Had we finally won against the great leader? A part of me wanted to search for him, but I had no reason to look for him.

We entered the city of London and walked along the sidewalk. It was then I saw his​ face. My heart leapt to my throat as I stopped walking. His blond hair stood out amongst all others as he towered over a few heads. I knew he saw me because he was looking my way. Peter looked at me and looked in the direction that I was facing. He didn't say a word, nor did he move.

Edward casually made his way over to us. His movements swift and quick as he navigated around the crowd of people. "Beautiful day, isn't it?" he asked me with a smile. Nothing much as changed since the last we've seen each other, except that he wasn't as bloodied as before. I didn't say anything, but nodded in reply. "You have nothing to say to me, I understand. I do apologize for everything that's happened in the past." he said.

Peter, of course, didn't believe Edward. There was nothing for Peter to do with possible witnesses watching us. "Let's agree to turn our heads and look the other way." Edward suggested, looking at both Peter and I. I glanced up at Peter who of course didn't agree. "I can tell you're lying." I said.

"I haven't done anything wrong Veronica." I shuddered when he said my name. "But this blood is on your hands." He continued with a smirk as a passerby came along. He snapped their neck and Peter caught the body as Edward left without a word. No one saw him left or saw the person Peter held in his arms. It was then I knew that it wasn't over, the war with Edward will never cease to end.


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