Veronica, the girl who had her brother's life spared in exchange for her own to be taken, was a vampire living on the outskirts of London with her boyfriend, Edward (also a vampire). When she meets a dark stranger (Peter), she soon begins to slowly fall madly in love with him. But little did she know, both Edward and Peter's clans were sworn enemies since the early 1600s. She will find herself torn between the man she loves and the family she has fought with. Will she continue to fight with the man she once loved, or will she face the consequences?

*An Original story


6. A New Life

1865 - After the Civil War ended

Veronica and Peter had been living peacefully in America. It had been fifteen years since they left England. For once, Veronica could leave her past behind. Still she constantly thought about her younger brother Jeremy. Life would've been better for him here. The Civil War had ended amongst the Union and the Confederacy. Thousands of casualties lay on the ground, covering the battlefield.

"This is what the war does to people Veronica." Peter said as they entered one of the towns in the north. Veronica could barely stand how many people have died by gunfire and cannons, let alone being killed by vampires. "Why would Edward call war if it ends up being like this?" she asked him.

"He has his intentions to call war. One could be territorial, but now I believe it's different." Peter said. Veronica noted the tone in his voice and knew what he was going to say next. Why would Edward call war just for her? Why did he choose to show his love for her? "I'm not going to leave you for him." Veronica said. "Never. You are the only man that I will ever love."

Slowly everyone was getting back on their feet again. Workers were working, slaves were having trouble in the boarder states. Peter and Veronica lived in New York. He had bought a home there for the two of them to stay in. Veronica awoke in Peter's arms as she heard a knock on the door. She looked at him, confused as to why they had any visitors. "Stay here, I'll answer the door." Peter said, getting out of bed and immediately put some clothes on.

Peter exited the room, heading downstairs to answer the door. He was met face to face with a man who was a few years older than him. "Can I help you sir?" Peter asked the man. The man who stood before him was holding a bag and said, "Yes, I'm looking for my sister." Veronica had gotten into change of clothing and went downstairs, curious to see who was at the door. "Jeremy?" she asked.

Peter turned his head to see that Veronica had come up behind him. He stepped aside so that Veronica could stand in the doorway. Veronica could see that her brother had changed in the last fifteen years. He was much older, but still had the same kid smile she knew he had. A smile spread across her face as she reached out and hugged him. "Father, are we staying here for the week?"

Veronica heard a voice from behind her brother. She looked at him and he just smiled. "Children, I'd like you to meet your Aunt Veronica." Jeremy said, motioning for the two children to come over. Veronica looked down at the two children: a boy and a girl. The boy looked to be the oldest of the two. "This is Jacob and this is Amber-Rose." He introduced the two children to Veronica.

"Darling, I'm tired. Can we go inside?" A woman called out.

"Yes, come in." Veronica answered the woman as she stepped aside. The four entered with their bags and Veronica closed the door behind them. She glanced at the children and the over at Peter who was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. "You are so kind for letting us stay for the week. I'm Victoria." Victoria smiled.

Victoria had blond hair and bright green eyes. "Veronica. Pleasure to meet you." Veronica smiled.

"You have such a lovely home. Far better than ours. We've traveled a long way from- from-"

"England mother." Jacob interrupted. Victoria nodded, then continued on. "Yes, thank you darling. We're so glad you've welcomed us into your home." she smiled.

"Anything for my dear brother." Veronica smiled. "Would you like anything to do drink?"

"A cup of tea would be fine dear." Victoria said. Veronica looked in Peter's direction who nodded, then went into the kitchen. "Jeremy mentioned he had a sister. I never would've thought she'd be this beautiful and so young." she added.

Veronica glanced at Jeremy who just shrugged and looked away. "Well, let's be clear that I'm the oldest between the two of us. Jeremy likes to believe that he has the right to tell me what to do." Peter came back with tea for Victoria who thanked him. "Who's that handsome young man?" Victoria eyed Peter who resumed to leaning against the wall.

"His name is Peter. Sorry, but he's a bit shy around… newcomers." Veronica smiled. "You have beautiful children. How old are they?"

"Jacob is ten and Amber-Rose is five." Victoria replied.

"Jeremy, can I have a word with you in the kitchen?" Veronica stood up from her seat. When Jeremy didn't move, she rolled her eyes and pinched him. Jeremy rubbed his arm as he got up and followed Veronica into the kitchen. "Oh Peter, go make yourself useful and socialize. Otherwise you'll be sleeping outside." she smirked. She closed the kitchen door and poured herself a cup of tea.

​"Victoria seems like a nice woman." Veronica said, taking a sip.

"You don't like her, do you?" Jeremy asked, hearing the tone in his sister's voice. Of course he had caught her red-handed and she sighed. "I do. I'm just being the over-protective sibling here. I know you're a grown man now and you have a family." Just thinking about having a family made her stop thinking for a moment. She had always wanted a family, but of course, that was taken away from her by Edward.

Veronica took another sip of her tea before continuing. "I love you Germy and I'm just looking out for you, that's all." she said.

"Well, I'm not a child anymore Ronnie." Jeremy said.

"Ronnie! Ronnie!" Three year old Jeremy ran up to his sister. Veronica was fourteen and barely trying to teach her brother the proper way to say her name since the day he could talk. "It's Ve-ro-ni-ca." She pronounced her name slowly. "Ronnie." Jeremy smiled, looking up at her.

Veronica rolled her eyes, picking her brother up. It was now time for his bath. "C'mon Jeremy, let's go take a bath." Jeremy shook his head in reply, trying this best to wiggle out of her arms. "No." he pouted. Veronica carried him into the bath area where she set him down and began to undress him. "No." he said again as she turned on the water.

He ran out of the bath area and into the room where their parents were. "Germy, get back here!" Veronica called, running after her brother. Once he was finished with his bath, Veronica had sent him to bed. "Stay." Jeremy said as Veronica stood up and was about to go to her bed. "Bed." he added.

Veronica smiled, getting in bed with her younger brother. She wrapped a protective arm around him as he snuggled close to her. "Good night Jeremy." she whispered in his ear, kissing the top of his head.

Veronica smiled at the memory and couldn't believe that it had been so long since the two had some sibling time together. "Let's go walk around town tomorrow, just you and me." she suggested, taking another sip from the cup. Jeremy looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "You want us to… bond?" he asked.

She nodded, "Why not? We are in serious need of it."

"I really don't trust Victoria with Peter." Jeremy said. Veronica was a little disappointed and sighed. "Fine, you and Victoria can walk around town while I stay home with Peter to watch the children." She set her empty cup in the sink and walked out of the kitchen.

"Auntie Veronica, let's play." Amber-Rose smiled, tugging Veronica's dress. Veronica smiled and suggested that they should go outside in the backyard. There was a swing hanging from a branch of the oak tree. Amber-Rose ran to the swing and sat down. "Push me on the swing!" she called out.

Veronica went over and began pushing Amber-Rose on the swing. The two of them were laughing and having a lot of fun. "You're lucky to have a sister like her." Peter told Jeremy. Victoria was sitting on the chairs, shielding herself from the hot sun while Jacob went out to play as well. Jeremy and Peter were now watching Veronica dance with the children.

"I'm just glad she has you." Jeremy said.

"Why's that?"

Jeremy looked at Peter and shrugged, "I don't think I could see anyone else being with my sister. No one would seem to treat her right. She deserves a nice guy and I wouldn't really know much about the guys that she's probably been with, but I think you two are good together. Now, I'm not just saying that because I want what's best for her. I'm just saying that because you've protected her and been there for her.

"I went back to the town where we grew up. I was eighteen and I thought I saw a girl looking through all the rubble. I think she was around my age too, but I was too afraid to approach her. I knew who she was too. Veronica had gone back that one year and I think she was looking for me or something. She looked worried and I've only seen that face a few times when I was younger. I could barely remember my parents, but I remember Veronica.

"Don't lose her Peter." Peter only nodded and continued to watch Veronica. He saw at how happy she was being reunited with those she now had called her family. "Come on Peter! Join us! Dance with me." Veronica smiled as she walked up to Peter, taking his hand and pulling him out onto the field. She hummed a happy tune while the two waltzed together. After they danced, she leaned in and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"Ew!" Jacob and Amber-Rose said as they made faces. Peter jokingly growled at them as the two children let out screams and he chased them. Veronica was tired and went over to where Victoria was siting, then sat down in the chair across from her. Jeremy joined the two of them and sat down in another chair. "You two should go out and see the town tomorrow. Peter and I will watch the children." Veronica suggested.

"That'd be lovely. What do you say to that darling?" Victoria turned to Jeremy, who only nodded in reply. Veronica would've never guessed that she and her brother would finally be spending time together. Even though they were only staying for a week, she was grateful. She watched Peter continuing to play with the children, reminding her of how her father played with her when she was just a girl.

That night a knock came at her door….

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