Couples' Love Story Adventure in Video Game World

This story is about a girl and boy who got invitation and received mysterious Computer Game CD. As they hit the START button, they were teleported inside Video Game where adventure begins.


3. Princess Sakura's Adventure in "Snack Food Planet" (Princess Sakura)

It was morning and I was in my room in Fantopia Kingdom castle.

I was wearing Cinderella-dress but it was gold dress.

I wasn't having any good time having to eat with my mother, Queens and my father, King.

I wanted to take an adventure but my royal family wouldn't allowed it.

Soon, it was midnight on Monday, when I woke up.

I wanted to take adventure, so I sneak out of my room.

I checked my parent's room and they were fast asleep.

I checked all other rooms where guests and knights were sleeping, and they were.

I ran out of Fantopia Kingdom Castle and went into my adventure.

At few feets away, I found an abandoned house with signpost.

As I entered the abandoned house, voice appeared and said, 


I looked around the room and I found interesting place. It was word of snacks and foods called Snack and Food Planet.



I entered this door and soon I was in front entrance to SNACK FOOD PLANET.

I was being wash by special food bacteria machine which took bacterias and germs off my bodies.

Soon I was clean enough to enter Snack Food Planet.

It was beautiful places made by real foods and snacks. Even food creatures were made of foods.

Snack Food Planet creatures approached me and they smiled at me.

"I'm Cheeseburger." Cheeseburger monster said. "Please don't eat any of creatures here."

"I'm Sausage Pizza." Sausage Pizza monster said.

"I'm Vegan Vegetable Sandwich." Vegan Sandwich said.

"I'm Vegan Muffin." Vegan Muffin said. "We will give you tours."

All food creature said, "Welcome to SNACK FOOD PLANET, where everything is made of food and snacks."

"Thank you, everyone. My name is Princess Sakura from Fantopia Kingdom."

Vegan Muffin pointed to first river and said, "This river is called Green Tea River. Please go in and taste it."

I entered Green Tea River. As I entered, there was friendly Honey Crocodile approached me and said, "Please use my honey."

Honey Crocodile opened its mouth and I touched honey and put in Green Tea river and drink together.

"It's delicious."

"Our houses are separated." Vegan Muffin said. "All Vegan foods lives on left side. All Meat Foods live on right side but we all shared public spring water bath together. We work together."

All food creatures had babies.

"There is strange thing here." Vegan Muffins said. "All of us including Meat Food creatures are vegan."

"Why is that?" I asked.

"We used to eat meat, however after our  meat babies born, so we can only eat Vegan Foods." Meat Creatures said. "Our feeling are same like animals and human beings."

"Wow!" I said. "I never seen Meat Food Creatures only eat Vegan Foods."

"Do you know how to cook?" Cheeseburger asked me.


"We teach you how to cook Vegan food." Sausage Pizza said.

At outdoor kitchen in center of town, there were all kinds of food.

Soon, I learned how to make Vegan Food.

I was amazed that Cheeseburger, Sausage Pizza are enjoying Vegan Foods with Vegetables and Fruits.

There were meatballs which aren't creature, however Vegan the Cheeseburger and Vegan the Sausage Pizza turned meatball into "Meatball Creature."

Soon, Meatball Creatures only ate Vegan Foods. All meat foods turned only into part of planet.

Soon, I took a bath in Tomato Sauce bath and it was comfortable. I ate Vegan Pizza with tomato sauce on it and it was good.

Next, I went into Chocolate Bath and had amazing delicious Vegan Chocolate snacks that made by Meat Food who became Vegan.

Next, I took relaxing bath in Soymilk bath.

After that, I went to sleep in Frozen Popcicile bed. It was cold, but comfortable with all food creatures warming up.

Next morning, I said goodbye as I reach other side.



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