Couples' Love Story Adventure in Video Game World

This story is about a girl and boy who got invitation and received mysterious Computer Game CD. As they hit the START button, they were teleported inside Video Game where adventure begins.


42. On n22 Bus (Yuki)

I was back to my house in Hicksville at same time I was teleported into comptuer game.

I boarded n22 Jamaica bus at first stop, Hicksville Station ontime at 9:59, and arrived at Roosevelt Field Mall at ontime at 10:26.

As I exit bus, I remember girl from magic computer game adventure doing survey with a passenger and I approached her and I asked, "Excuse me, are you Sakura Sakamoto?"

"Yes, I am." Sakura said as she faced me. "You must be Yuki Makamura."

"Yes." I said. "What are coincidence."

"That computer game was very fun." Sakura said.


"Let's go shopping together."

"Yes." I said.

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