Couples' Love Story Adventure in Video Game World

This story is about a girl and boy who got invitation and received mysterious Computer Game CD. As they hit the START button, they were teleported inside Video Game where adventure begins.


27. Kids Police and Magic Evil Mirror Pt. 2 (Evil Sachiko Reflection)

I smiled evilly. I have replaced real Sachiko Yamura.

Since I was her reflection, I remember Yukari was waiting for her.

So, I went out and greeted warmly.

"I'm done." I said, smiling.

"Everyone is nice here." Yukari said.

"I completed agreed." I lied.

Then we found pocket size Magic Evil Mirror.

With our glove, I forced to use right hand and handed my partner, Yukari the Mirror."

"Put this in evidence bag." I said.

"OK." Yukari said as she was holding mirror bag on right hand as she put it in with her left hand.

After soon as she put Magic Evil Mirror, her evil reflection came out, then paralyzed her.

Soon real her was trapped in Magic Evil Mirror.  Evil Yukari was holding an evidence bag on her left hand.

"We're going to help Darktopia Kingdom takeover our planet." Evil Yukari smiled evily and pointed with my left hand.

I gave her evil grin back and I also pointed with my left hand. "OK. We have to trick our partners to look the Magic Evil Mirror."

"Since we're Mirror Reflection of us, we have to act like real us who will trapped was right handed." Evil Yukari said.

"So that's way, our partners and friends will fall into our evil trap."

At midnight, all of us gathered and we stakeout and we saw Vegan Foods and Cheeseburgers were eating meat.

"They're evil after all." Tai whispered.

"We need to report to our headquarter." Pfh said.

I handed them the Magic Evil Mirror in evidence bag with my right hand.

"We found Mysterious Mirror in Evil Snack Food Planet." I said.

"Good job, Yukari, Sachiko." Phf said smiling.

"All these windows and lakes are suspcious." Evil Yukari said as she pointed with her right hand."

Tai and Alice looked at window while Phf and Mike looked at lake. Soon their reflection was revealed. As their reflections popped out as themselves in human being form, they were paralyzed. Their reflection pushed them into Magic Evil Mirror.

"We're Evil Kids Police of Special Investigation Division of Metropolitan City!" we all said evilly.

"We'll also partner with our Evil Snack Food partners as well." as we pointed to our evil friends with our left hands.

"We have to turn our city into Evil." Evil Alice said evilly.

"Yes." I said evilly. Using our left hands as we said. "In our city, we need to force to use opposite of our mirror image to..."

"...act normal, so our police department wouldn't know we're evil until..."

"...our real human turned into evil."

"Inside Magic Evil Mirror is Evil Mirror World, so they all will become evil soon as we leave and we return to evil mirror." I said.

"Since evil reflection cannot survived in sunlight."


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