Couples' Love Story Adventure in Video Game World

This story is about a girl and boy who got invitation and received mysterious Computer Game CD. As they hit the START button, they were teleported inside Video Game where adventure begins.


26. Kids Police and Magic Evil Mirrior Pt. 1 (Sachiko speaking.)

Yukari and I were in Snack Food Planet hotel around three o'clock in afternoon.

I had No. 2 coming on, so I pointed with my right hand to restroom and I said, "Yukari, I need to use restroom badly."

"OK." Yukari said. "I'll wait for you here."

Not knowing, bathroom mirror was Magic Evil Mirror, I went into toilet room.

Soon, I finished my business and went to wash my hand and approach the door, which was human size mirror. I had reflection of myself and I look cute.

As I was wiping on paper towel, my reflection came out  as of real human being of me. I was shocked but couldn't speak because I was paralyzed from fear.

"Ha, ha, ha." my reflection said evilly. "I am your reflection and I'm going to take your place."

"No!!" I said, but my scream didn't go outside.

"Our Snack Food friend tricked you and this planet is Evil Snack Food Planet." my reflection said. "All mirrors, windows are Magic Evil Mirror.

Soon, I was prison inside Magic Evil Mirror.

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