Couples' Love Story Adventure in Video Game World

This story is about a girl and boy who got invitation and received mysterious Computer Game CD. As they hit the START button, they were teleported inside Video Game where adventure begins.


6. Evil Princess Sakura Meets Lots of Creatures

Next, Susie the Evil Ghost, Evil Ghost Monster, and I entered Creature Planet.

It was daytime, when we first met Vampire Girl named Sassy Vampire, Matilda Stone the Witch, Dame Mai Maho of Magical Kingdom.

We were in public cafeteria house all by ourselves with new friends.

Sassy, Matilda and Mai were cooking us some great breakfast.

"It's done." three girls said.

It was like Special Food mixed with everything.

"Wow! Amazing!" I said.

"Let's eat." Sassy said.

"Hold on." Evil Susie said. and gaving me and Evil Ghost Monster smiled. "Why don't E Ghost Monster pray for our food?"

"Great idea." Mai said.

"OK." Matilda said.

Evil Ghost Monster smiled. First, it cast spell on on Special Food and said, "Power of god, thank you for protecting us from evil and thankful for this delicious meal. Amen!"

We all replied, "Amen!"

"Now, it's ready to eat." Evil Ghost Monster smiled.

Evil Ghost Monster, Susie and I ate normally.

Meanwhile, Sassy, Matilda and Mai ate their homemade Special Food.

Few seconds later, their eyes flashed red.

"I am Evil Sassy Vampire Girl." Sassy Vampire said evilly.

"I am Evil Matilda Stone the Witch" Matilda Stone  said evilly.

"I am Evil Dame Mai Maho of Magical Kingdom" Dame Mai Maho said. "We'll serve your fight to get revenge on Fantopia Kingdom."

Soon, Evil Sassy Vampire bit the Matilda Stone, Dame Mai Maho and me.

"I am Evil Princess Sakura Sakamoto the Vampire from Fantopia Kingdom." I said evilly.

"I am Evil Dame Mai Maho the Vampire from Magical Kingdom." Dame Mai said evilly.

"I am Evil Matilda Stone the Vampire Witch." Matilda said evilly.

At night, we called Darktopia Kingdom limousine and soon our limo came.

Soon, we all got on Darktopia Kingdom limo.



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