Couples' Love Story Adventure in Video Game World

This story is about a girl and boy who got invitation and received mysterious Computer Game CD. As they hit the START button, they were teleported inside Video Game where adventure begins.


14. Evil Princess Sakura back at Fantopia Kingdom.

Next morning, we returned home to our Fantopia Kingdom, however we were still evil.

We managed to hid our evil identify and I rushed to my parent who were waiting.

I faked cry and said, "I'm sorry, mom and dad! I was very scared when I got kidnapped in Darktopia Kingdom."

King said, "Are you evil?"

I lied and said, "No. Princes Yuki put me on Evil-Proof Clothes which turned me back to normal."

"I'm glad you were back to normal." Queens said. "We have wonderful brother and sister."

"Yes." Prince Yuki gave fake smiled.

We went to our private room and I bit my brother.

"I'm Evil Princess Yuki Makamura the Vampire." Evil Prince Yuki said.

At dinner time, we acted normal in front of our parents.

At night time, we went to sleep.





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