Couples' Love Story Adventure in Video Game World

This story is about a girl and boy who got invitation and received mysterious Computer Game CD. As they hit the START button, they were teleported inside Video Game where adventure begins.


5. Evil Princess Sakura and Ghost Town

At end of Dark Evil Forest, I encounter Ghost Town. Just like Dark Evil Forest, Ghost Town was also nighttime.

Soon I came and ghost of human girl appeared in front of me.

"Hello,  I am ghost of Susie Johnson." ghost girl said.

I gave fake smile and said, "I am Princess Sakura from Fantopia Kingdom."

"Welcome, my royal Princess Sakura." Susie said.

"Thank you, Susie." I said.

Susie told me secret of Ghost Town. There were evil ghost creatures are seel in abandoned house in abandoned cemetery which she told me not to go to.

It was midnight and ghost were resting but not sleeping.

I was evil, so I sneak out of room and went to abandoned cemetery and into the house.

When I entered abandoned cemetery, I came to abandoned house. I broke the house open with a shovel and it broke open.

As I entered the Abandoned House, I came face to face with Evil Ghost Monster.

"I am Evil Ghost Monster." Evil Ghost Monster said, then asked, "What do you want?

"I am Evil Princess Sakura Sakamoto from Fantopia Kingdom." I said evily. "I need your help taking revenge on my Fantopia Kingdom, so I freed you."

"That's more like it." said Evil Ghost Monster and gave me evil grin.

Soon Evil Ghost Monster cast spell on Ghost Town and every ghosts turned into evil.

"Hello, Evil Princess Sakura." Susie the Ghost said evilly. "Good thing you didn't listen to me."

"Thanks, Susie." I said.

"Evil Ghost Monster and I will join your evil quest." Susie smiled evilly.

"That's great." I smiled evilly.

Soon we came to end of Ghost Town.


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