Couples' Love Story Adventure in Video Game World

This story is about a girl and boy who got invitation and received mysterious Computer Game CD. As they hit the START button, they were teleported inside Video Game where adventure begins.


7. Darktopia Kingdom (Evil Princess Sakura)

Soon, Darktopia Kingdom limousine arrived to Darktopia Kingdom and went across the drawbridge to castle's room where Queens and King of Darktopia Kingdom were waiting to greet us.

We introduced ourself.

"I am Evil Princess Sakura Sakamoto from Fantopia Kingdom." I said. "I turned into Evil in Dark Evil Forest."

"I am Evil Ghost Monster." EGM said. "I am from Ghost Town, now with my spell, Evil Ghost Town."

"I am Evil Ghost of Susie Johnson." Susie said. "I turned evil after Evil Ghost Monster turned all of Ghost town residents into evil."

"I am Evil Sassy Vampire Girl from Planet Creature." Sassy said.

"I am Evil Matilda Stone the Vampire Witch from Planet Creature." Matilda said.

"I am Evil Dame Mai Maho of Magical Kingdom."

"Excellent." Evil Queens and King said in union.

"What is your request?" Evil Queens asked.

"I need your help to take revenge on my kingdom." I said evilly. "My royal parents at Fantopia Kingdom is plannning to kill me for running away."

"That's horrible." Evil King said.

"I'm asking if you could kidnapped me and put me in dungeon." I said. "After I get rescued, I'll pretend to be normal and be transported back to my kingdom."

"That's splendid idea." Evil Queens and King said.

"Then, when I gave signal, all of us attacks."


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