Not Quite | Niall Horan

It wasn't supposed to be like this, it was supposed to be just a one time thing. I shouldn't be pregnant at eighteen but I am. I'm also carrying the biggest idiot in the whole wide world's baby. "The Jock" of high school, Niall Horan. He's an airhead, why couldn't it have been with someone that I could actually stand? It's not going to be easy, not quite.


1. Prolouge.

"I thought you hated him." Lena says slurring her words just before she chugs down another solo cup with alcohol. "I do." I say taking a little sip. "Doesn't mean I don't think he's hot." Listen to me, I am so drunk. "You know how I slept with Jordan Parker?" "I don't wanna sleep with you know who, Lena!" I shout, smiling, over the loud music. I look around at the house full of underage kids, including us, making memories or regrets. "I'm not saying you have to sleep with him, like maybe a little make-out sesh." Lena says laughing. "Fine, what did you do?" "I went to the bathroom, took off my panties, and went up to him and said 'I'll be upstairs.' as I stuffed them in his pocket." I roll my eyes at her.

"Sweetie, i'm fat and ugly but Jordan did it with me and he hangs out with Niall. You're skinny and beautiful and there is no doubt in my mind that he won't reject you. Look at him." I take my eyes across the room to Niall. "No. I'm not having sex with him." "Suit yourself, i'm going to get lucky with Steven tonight." Lena says getting up. "Dude, you know he's only into blondes right?" "Well tonight he's going to be into fat bitches." I laugh and watch her walk out of this huge living room to find a bathroom. 

Should I do that? No. No. Don't let her get into your head, especially in this situation. I take a glance back over to Niall. His eyes land on me, we look at each other for a couple seconds and then I tear my eyes away. Fuck it. I'm doing it. I get up and before I exit the room I look back and he's still staring at me. I go upstairs and there is a line, i'm not waiting. Then I see Lena leaving the bathroom and people cursing at her, most likely for cutting.

"I told you you would!" Lena says as she sees me in line. "Shut up." Lena gets close to my ear, "Cut in line, wait til you see who's ever in the bathroom open the door and just run to the door. Good luck my dear." She says and with that she goes down the stairs. I turn waiting for the door to open, I consider waiting but then he might not care about me anymore so I decide when it opens I bolt.

I look down the stair case and see Niall talking to Amanda Fields. I turn back to the door annoyed and I see it starting to open so I run to it and everyone yells at me as I enter. I look myself in the mirror and I look fine. The same old dead-straight red hair, no smeared make-up. I pull down my leggings and take off my underwear. Since I am wearing leggings I didn't want underwear lines showing so I put on my thong. Lucky choice. I stick my underwear in my flannel and left, also getting some curse words directed toward me as well.

I go downstairs and I see Lena grinding on Steven. How does she do it? I look for Niall and I can't find him. I look on the couch and see him making out with Amanda, damn it. I walk over to Steven and Lena. "Can I steal her for a second?" I ask Steven. "Only a second." He laughs, only turning his back to face other friends. "What are you interrupting my groove for?" "I didn't know that was considered 'dancing', Lena." "It is in my book, what did you need, I was getting it on." "He's making out with Amanda Fields!" "Go over there and claim your man. You gotta just grab him from her and make out with him." "Like I have the courage to do that." Then a smile comes across her face.

Lena turns around and whispers something in Steven's ear and he smiles back. He starts to walk away and Lena grabs my wrist and has me follow him. She sets me in a chair in the kitchen and Steven comes back with Vodka.

"No, no i'm not doing it. I'm not that desperate for him." I plead. "Yes you are, you don't have to drink it all, But just drink like half."

God damn it, I think minutes later,as I finish almost all of the bottle. "Wanna steal him now?!" Lena asks pumped. "Hell yeah!" I reply catching her pumped drift. I get up and Lena yells, "Go get your man!" as she slaps my back. I go to the living room and I see Amanda leaving, probably to get another drink.

I parade over to him and I start kissing him and he doesn't hesitate to kiss back. I didn't even need to use my underwear, I am so uncomfortable in this. I stop kissing him, "Amanda, as you know, is a bitch to get into her pants while i'm like totally ready right now so." I am ruining this. "If you're up for it, i'll be upstairs." I say as I put my underwear in his varsity jacket. I walk away and make my way upstairs.

I stand in a room of which I guess is Niall's, judging by the fact this is his house, boy furniture in his room, and pictures of memories in his room. I look at his photos on the wall and my phone vibrates, it's a text from Lena.

He's coming upstairs, Marley. He had to stop to tell us "Remember that hot girl from earlier? She gave me her underwear! She's waiting for me upstairs." Then he showed us your underwear. I can't believe you wore a thong! Slut. I'm kidding, but I heard he was quite the one to get carried away. ;)

When I finish reading it, I hear the door open. I turn around and it's Niall. "Been in my room before?" He questions since I am in his room. "No, just a lucky guess." I say putting my phone on his nightstand and walking over to him.

I start kissing him and he lightly glides his hands down my body. "How'd you shake off, Amanda?" I ask as he unbuttons my flannel. "She went to get another drink and I was tired of waiting so I left and here I am." Niall says cocky. "Lucky you." I say. "No, lucky you."

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