The Phoenix and the Transylvanian vampires

Phoenix Graves is 14 years. He is like much interested in computers. His father, John Graves works with computer games and has helped to develop the game Song Completely!. It was originally intended that this computer should hear a parallel reality suit. No, you really got into the song Absolutely!'s World, struggling with computer game characters. While the father is working on developing Sang Completely! Was phoenix with as a kind of guinea pig and thus came through the suit itself into the game. However, it was too scary and dangerous, so when the computer game was released, it was without the parallel reality suit.
We begin the story home with phoenix .....


3. who are you?

Laura was in a bad mood . She had forgotten his math books in school and had to run all the way back . And she almost had to beg the caretaker, Mr Owen, for permission to enter. Now she was almost an hour late. She heard footsteps behind him and a boy voice calling her name. She turned on . " Phoenix ? , I thought you had gone home long ago . " Her smile disappeared when she looked back. The road was completely deserted . " Phoenix ? " It was not something she had dreamed . She had heard footsteps behind him . Step she known. Phoenix made ​​tracks with her. It had to be. He had often waited for her after school. " Phoenix, " she repeated. " It's not funny . Come on out . " Her voice began to tremble. Was it the phoenix ? It was not like him to pull a joke out so long. He was not like the other boys. It was not his nature to tease . He was considerate and loyal. While she stood looking down the road and tried to see through the evening haze , she heard steps again . Now she knew that it certainly was not the phoenix . How could he not do . He did not pursue her as a predator that identifies its prey.

" Who's there ? "

She was no longer adolescent and confident. Here on the deserted road , she was a little girl again , with the child's fear of an invisible threat. Fear gave her goose bumps. She was paralyzed , afraid to stand still and terrified to turn around .

" Why are you doing this ? It's tacky . "

Then it happened . There was something that touched her lightly , but it was enough that her throat constricted with fear . A cry fought his way up through her ​​neck , but got stuck and died away . She could not run, she could not scream.

" Who are you? " It was her words, but the thought that went through her ​​head was:

What are you?

Pull yourself together , girl , she thought, you've been scared before. And for something that was much worse. But this was something very strong . It was a raw, vindictive, pent-up force . Something familiar but transformed. Something homey and yet strange .

Do not be weak , Laura , she said to herself. Now you run . Your street is just over there. You turn around and start running . I count to three.

Run! Before she even got started, there was one that stood in the way . A boy .

But more than a boy. A teenager with lips that was pulled back in a sneer , with eyes that glowed crimson twilight , and a body that seemed to overshadow the rising milky moon .

Her heart stopped . Despair filled every fiber of her body.

" You! "

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