The Phoenix and the Transylvanian vampires

Phoenix Graves is 14 years. He is like much interested in computers. His father, John Graves works with computer games and has helped to develop the game Song Completely!. It was originally intended that this computer should hear a parallel reality suit. No, you really got into the song Absolutely!'s World, struggling with computer game characters. While the father is working on developing Sang Completely! Was phoenix with as a kind of guinea pig and thus came through the suit itself into the game. However, it was too scary and dangerous, so when the computer game was released, it was without the parallel reality suit.
We begin the story home with phoenix .....


4. A Surprise

( DEL 9 )

Phoenix did not notice Laura's horror. He did not hear her muffled screams or her shoe scraping against the ground as she was dragged away. He was busy . He hurried up to her room and took the backpack that lay on top of the cabinet. He felt after the it. He had already put it down , which he had bought for his project : A wooden mallet , tent pegs made ​​of steel, strong fishing line and several powerful torches . He took the craftsman belt on which he had bought in the local tool trade, and began to fill the pockets in it. Before he pulled his long sweater down over the belt, he added one last thing to his arsenal , a small ax, which he had found in the garage. It was almost like new . Phoenix hurried to pack the last few days of work together. The pointed poles , bolts and the Angel of Death himself. It was only when he turned to leave, he noticed how cold that was in his room .

"I surely have not closed the window up in the storm. " Hair stood up in his neck . He stared at the wide-open window . Phoenix flew to the loose floorboard where he had hidden the CD. It was still there. Then he looked after , it looked as if the room had been ransacked . Nothing was wrong. Everything was as it should be.

Except for the window. "Oh , come on . It 's all here after all . " His focus returned . He took the backpack over his shoulder and ran down to the study. He placed the heavy backpack on computer table and pulled the parallel realitydragte the box. Daylight was about to fade away . The sun's last rays did skies blood red . He withdrew the suit . Then occurred the first nervousness. He could not help it . He felt again the suit creeping tension , the way the fabric seemed to grow into his skin and merge with it , and when he felt fear wash through him .

Not discouraged , the phoenix . For everything in the world is not now.

He reached for the face mask to the suit. He was just going to attach it to the suit , when he discovered something.

The second suit was gone!

He put his hand into the box. There was no doubt about it. This time he was not just scared. He was met by hopeless mavekrympende horror. It was then not ... it could not be his father. Phoenix ' nerves quivered . Window . The lack of costume. What was going on ?

Then came the moonlight . The darkness seemed to perpetuate the awe of the full moon . " There's no time to think about it now. I have to go. Before it's too late . " He pulled the mask down over his head, fastened the last closures and put the suit plug into your computer. While the CD was read and he took the backpack and waited. He watched the screen to clear , and the game's first images began to emerge. But that was not the end of surprises . In this game , it was always good threes .

First the window, so the suit , and now .... The message on the screen. Phoenix reeled as if he had been hit by an ax.

Three words . A stupid phrase that had come to stand for danger and betrayal .

What a surprise!

" Steve Adams ! "

My enemy. My nemesis.

Phoenix reached instinctively after the cord that connected the suit with the computer. There was something wrong . He could still manage to tear it out and cut it all. His fingers closed around the cord , but let it just as quickly .

"No, I does not back out of it. , And what if you wait for me ? " When the golden light began to swirl out of the computer , glittering myriad of numbers - threes , sixes , nines - Knotted he fists . He hugged them , so his nails almost bored a hole in the skin through the suit's thin fabric .

"I will fight you ," he cried . "I will fight you all together! " For a moment , the entire work room bathed in a pulsating light , and then died glow go without a sound.

Phoenix was gone.



I know it was a funny ending, could not think of more.

I also go to boarding school so I'm only home nonge days a week.

ps. I know I also have made it in Danish, but now it is made in English kh . bella6069 ^_^

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