Boy With Blue Eyes

Zoie's head cheerleader and a new guy comes to the school.. Does anything happens between them


2. Meeting The Boy

Zoie's POV:

The bell rang for lunch and everyone went to the food court. When I had walked in I looked over to the table where we usually sit and Brent was sitting next to the only spare seat.

I decided not to walk in and I turned around and went to my locker, I wasn't looking where I was going and bumped into someone. I fell to the floor "What the hell was that for" and when I looked up all I could see was someone's ocean blue eyes, "I'm sorry I wan't looking where I was going". He bent down and helped me pick up my books. I looked up to see him holding out his hand, I took it a he helped me up. "Sorry I'm not really good when it comes to new people"

"By the looks of it, your cheer captain though"

"Yeh and, I love cheer leading. I don't really like all the attention though" 

"Oh, sorry I didn't realise. I really am sorry" he looked a bit nervous. "Well, I'm Niall, Niall Horan"

" I'm Zoie Fishberry" he started giggling at my last name, I looked him in the eye and sigh knowing why he was giggling,  he stopped and I walked away.

Niall's POV:

I was walking down the hall reading the map I got given by the principle trying to find my way to the food area. I bumped into someone and they fell to the floor, once I had become stable I looked down to see who it was and I saw someone looking up at me with golden brown eyes surrounded by green. She was wearing a cheer leading uniform and gosh did she look fine, one thing I noticed was she is the girl I saw looking at me in that class room earlier on today. 

She wasn't happy about the fact I accidentally bumped into her, I helped her pick up her stuff and apologised and introduced myself as Niall Horan, "I'm Zoie Fishberry" I started to giggle at the fact her last name was Fishberry it is a very different last name and have never heard anything like it.  

She looked at me and sighed, I stopped giggling. She smiled and walked away. I couldn't help but stare at her as she walked away and god she had a fine ass.

Zoie's POV:

I finally got to my locker after walking away from Niall who by the way is pretty good looking. I put my stuff away and got ready for my next class.


The bell for the end of the day rang, I was about to walk out of class when a note fell onto the floor. I picked it up and it had my name written on it with today's date. I opened it and read it:


To Zoie

I spoke to one of the guys in your class and asked them to put this some where that you would get it.

I'm sorry if I upset you earlier today, it isn't that I found your last name funny its just that it's an unusual last name and I've never heard a name like that before.

Any way back to the reason why I wrote this, I know it's only my first day and all but I think your kinda cute and really want to get to know you better.

It would be amazing if you would meet me near the football field after school.

From Niall Horan xx

P.s. I will be waiting for you after you finish cheer


I smile and looked around noticing no one was around, when I decided to look at the clock I was going to be late to practice.I couldn't believe it I'm the captain I shouldn't be late I would always make the girls do 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups and then have the do 2 laps around the oval if they were late.

I threw my stuff in my locker not caring if it made a mess I would fix it tomorrow morning and I sprinted to the gymnasium. I made it a couple minutes early so I went and filled up my water bottle. We started practice and I went through a new cheer that I had been practising and taught the girls every move, I made them all stay back until they learnt the cheer almost perfectly.

Niall's POV: 

I was waiting for Zoie to finish cheer leading hoping that she would meet me here like I had asked. While I was sitting there waiting I noticed there was a group of guys playing football, at first I thought they were just messing around until I heard an older man yelling at them to do set skills. I looked up to see Zoie walking over towards me, she had her school shoulder bag in one hand and her water bottle in the other hand.

"Hey Zoie, how was practice"

"Yeh it was good, I taught the girls a new cheer and it looks really good" she looked really happy and for some reason that made me really happy.

"That's good, Zoie I was just wondering how are you getting home?" I started getting a bit nervous about the fact that she was still here with me having this conversation.

"I was meant to be getting a ride from one of the girls but I guess I'm not now, so most likely I will be walking" she looked at me and by the tone in her voice she didn't want to walk home. I decided to offer her a ride home with me, she looked at me again and said yes, her eyes started to sparkle and I started becoming really nervous.


We finally got to her house after an awkward car ride, I got out of the car and walked her to the door. She turned around and looked up at me, she leant in and kissed me on the cheek "Thanks Niall for the ride" "No worries Zoie, I wouldn't want to make you walk home" She smiled at me and opened her front door.

Just as I was about to turn around she turned back and looked at me "I saw you watching the guys playing football, if you want to join the team they have trials on tomorrow, if your good enough you might make captain" "what about the captain they have now" she looked at me "someone can easily come along and replace him, he will just become a normal player" I smirked a little and went to walk away forgetting to thank her so I turned around "oii Zoie, thanks for letting me know" she turned around and I walked closer to her, I held her hand and we both stood there in silence looking in each others eyes. The next thing I know her arms are wrapped around my waist, I couldn't help but hug back.

Zoie's POV:

I couldn't help myself I had to hug him he was so irresistible. I was about to pull away as I realise he was hugging me back and we stood outside my house hugging, I was leaning against the door when the next thing I know I had fallen on the floor on my back.



Sorry its a short chapter.

You guys like it.

I would love to hear your views and any ideas you have to help make the story better.

XOXO  You guys are amazing <3


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