Boy With Blue Eyes

Zoie's head cheerleader and a new guy comes to the school.. Does anything happens between them


1. First Day Back

Character Summary:

Zoie is the head cheerleaser, she is the most popular girl in school and is friends with all the girls on the squad, she has two best friends which are Kirsty and Jodi who are dating Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Zayn and Liam are both on the football team (English Football) and the captain of the team is Brent Tyler. Louis and Harry are best friends with Zayn and Liam, they are also a year older then the girls.

Zoie's POV:

I was walking down the hall with the girls towards our lockers which were in separate areas of the school, we all would walk together and split off from the group once we were going past our own locker, my locker was the furthest from the entrance so I was the last one to split away from the group which didn't really bother me because Kirsty's and Jodi's lockers were closer to mine then the rest of the squad.

The girls were lucky and had boyfriends which waited for them at their lockers every morning to say hello and walk to class, I didn't I just had Brent who wouldn't leave me alone and kept telling me he wants to go on a date with me but I keep rejecting him. some people don't understand why, I have to admit he is the hottest guy in the school and he is football captain but he is the biggest douche and he never stays with a girl long enough to be classed as a relationship.

"So Zoie, do you think Brent will be waiting for you at your locker again this morning" Jodi looked at me and Kirsty smiled, the she walked over to Zayn and kissed him passionately on lips. I don't understand why they saw each other two days ago.

I turned around and looked back at Jodi "I really hope he isn't, it really annoys me and I don't like it he bugs me all the time and he such a douche bag"

"I can understand what your saying but seriously he is the football captain and your cheer captain you two and meant to be together" Jodi looked at me while giggling and walked over to Liam, who kissed her on the cheek gently.

I kept walking towards my locker and just in my luck Brent was standing there leaning on my locker not letting me through.

"Can you please move out of my way so I can get my stuff"

"what I'm not gong to get a hello or anything"

"No you don't deserve it" I said as I Nudged him to the side gently.

He just looked at me like I was some alien but I honestly didn't care what he thinks he is just another stuck up guy who thinks he is top shit, News flash he isn't.

Jodi's POV:

Once I had finished getting my stuff out of my locker I turned around to see Harry standing there and he was looking at me different like something was wrong.

"Babe what's wrong, what happened" he asked

"Nothing happened its just I haven't seen you since before you went to go visit your grandparents" I looked down at my feet trying not to get caught up in his eyes.

"Babe, I'm sorry I didn't realise I spaced out"

With him saying that he held me by the waist and pulled me close, close enough that our noses were touching. He leant his head to the side a slowly kissed me with passion and meaning.

A couple minutes later we finally decided to walk to Kirsty's locker wich there was no point because Liam and I had spent so much time at my locker she jad already finished and when we got halfway to her locker i saw he waling towards us holding hands with Zayn.

"What took you so long to get your stuff out of your locker, even I was quicker then you and you got to you locker before me"

"Sorry Liam and I were just talking" I looked at him and saw him looking down.

Kirtsy's POV:

After I asked Jodi stupidly forgetting Liam went to visit his grandparents for a couple of days and only got back yesterday I quickly changed the subject.

"heyy guys come on lets go get Zoie"


We started to walk over to Zoie, Zayn had his arm around my shoulder and I put my arm around his waste. 

As we got closer to Zoie's locker when I looked up I saw Brent was standing at her locking leaning against the door, as we got closer your could here Zoie say "No you don't deserve it" and she nudged him to the side out of his way.

Zayn and Liam went over to Brent and spoke to him about football of course.

Zoie quickly tried to get her stuff, once she finely had and the boys finished there conversation the boys walked us to class.

The whole way walking to class Jodi, Liam, Zayn and I were talking, I tried getting Zoie to join our conversation but nothing worked.

She was pissed off that Brent was at her locker again even thought she is always telling him to leave her alone but he won't. I understand why she won't I mean she is the cheer leading captain and he is football captain everyone would think they should be dating but no, Zoie Hates him with a passion.

Zoie's POV:

We finally got to class and the boys left, the girls kept talking but I just ignored it, I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone. We went to the back of the room and sat in our normal seats, I sat next to Kirsty and she had Jodi on the other side of her. I didn't talk to anyone I just sat there looking down at my table.

Our new maths teacher I had never met before because she only teaches year 11 and 12 walked in and introduced herself as Mrs Hemsworth, She is our new maths teacher for this year and next year. She spoke about herself and introduced herself to the class and told us about her history and who she was. She started asking us questions about what we learnt last year in class so she knew what we need to learn. 

After about 5 minutes of the teacher talking to the class and asking everyone questions there was a knock at the door, the teacher stood up and walked to the door she opened it to see who it was everyone went silent. I looked up realising everyone had gone quiet and there was something standing at the door, I couldn't quiet see who it was but I sat there staring trying to figure it out.

The teacher and the person stood there talking and the teacher leant out of the room and point somewhere then looked back in the class to tell us to be quiet. The person stuck there head in and caught me starring at them I looked down, I could feel my cheeks turn into brurning flames.

I heard the class room door shut, meaning the person was probably gone. I looked up and the person was gone, the door was shut. I looked next to me and both of the girls were staring at me. I looked at them weirdly then looked away not even bothering to ask, I just ignored them and started doing my work.


Hope you guys like it, comment thoughts


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