The Academy for Vampires and Guardians

In this story there are vampires and guardians also they both live amongst the human world. Then they get recruited to go to Barahona Academy by Denise Styles who is the headmaster of the Academy.


5. Chapter 8: A Disappointment

In the days that i have been here at the academy i finally defeated the rebel vampires that threatened Jade but General Jimenez took Jade so now i must go and rescue her from his hands which means i will have to destroy his personal arsenal which is deep in the mountain. As i have been attacking the base at the mountain the reinforcement keep coming out from the mountain and keep at the base of the mountain until i start moving towards a tunnel where i found out this is exactly where they were coming out from and i decided to go down there and find out where they are keeping jade and fight to death just so that i can rescue my true love from the General of the rebels.

Chapter 9: The Guardians!!!!!

IN the years before i was around on earth there were guardians that protect the vampires from other vampires but i must admit that there are a lot of things that i can not admit that i am a descendent of an ancient warrior and guardian but he was the first vampire-hybrid that existed but disappeared in 1920's.

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