The Academy for Vampires and Guardians

In this story there are vampires and guardians also they both live amongst the human world. Then they get recruited to go to Barahona Academy by Denise Styles who is the headmaster of the Academy.


3. Chapter 4: The Situation

In all the years that i have lived i never encountered a serious situation where i could asses the damage and come up with a solution to what we have encountered today. As Angel stood there holding a knife at Jade's father she started freaking out then all of a sudden there was a bright light that came from Jade's position then she collapsed but i got to her in time and i had to relocate her and her family to Barahona academy where i can protect them from General Jimenez. As we reached Barahona Academy that's when Jade woke up and saw that we were in New Orleans but on an island that is terribly humid but i got use of the humidity on the island.

Jade's Point Of View

Once we arrived at Barahona Academy it was so humid i could not stop sweating and i was sweating so bad that i literally had to put my hand in between my breast and every guy stopped and looked and they swear they never seen a girl do that because they all adapted to the Humidity once they arrived except me of course.

David's P.O.V.

Well i must say you made an excellent entrance and you may have made enemies with the cheerleading squad because their boyfriends prefer you over them so if you were thinking about joining them please do not join they will murder you in the lockers and i can not protect you from them which means you will have to do all the spells that i am going to teach you and use them against them okay Jade.

Jade's P.O.V.

Relax david i do not need  any protection because i am only a Vampire,Witch, and Guardian come on i can handle these girls there just like humans aren't they david.

David: "This is not High School this is an academy for all sorts of creatures that are from a different realm then the human world, this is a school where they could fit in and nobody could make fun of there real form at this school"

Jade: " David you got to be joking this is not a school for Vampire's, Witches, Werewolf's, And Faries, david",

David: "Actually it is an academy for more than just the basic mythical creatures that exist in a different realm",

Jade: "Well i must admit that i am actually impressed by this academy",

As david began to walk away because he had to let the headmaster know that i have arrived and there was a situation at Thrilwall manor. Once he left that's when i decided to go make friends with the gothic girls that are vampires but they actually do not mine that i am also a guardian because they are just like me then there was this popular girl walking with david but they were holding hands and that just pissed me off until he introduced me to his sister who happens to be a succubus and he said that his sister is learning how to control her hunger for male testosterone plus he turned his only sister into a vampire so now she is no longer a succubus she is now a full-blooded Vampire-Hybrid. 

 David's P.O.V.

As the days go by that is when i realized that my sister begins to crave human blood but i am trying my best to restrain her from human blood also teach her to drink from animal blood to quench her hunger for guardian blood. In these years i must admit that i my have been a bit harsh on Jade because i am trying my best to teach her about defensive spells to use against the rebel Vampires that threaten all the realms existence so we decided to relocate every one on Barahona island.

Chapter 5: Sandra is in critical health!!!!!

In all the years that i have been teaching here at Barahona Academy i have never met a student who can summon powerful spells that can cause damage to other witch's who are connected to mother nature including there soul which is earthbound to this world and many others. As the weeks pass both Jade and Sandra do not feel any good because they are both fighting to come back to the living and they must battle versions of themselves or the person they love it depends on the spirit world. In about twelve hours that's when Sandra came back to the land of the living but Jade is taking a lot longer but she finally came to that's when she saw that i was sitting on her bed then she decided to hug me and kissed me because she was so happy to see me and that she was back amongst the living. Afterwards Sandra came in and saw that we both were kissing she got so furious that she decided to dump my hot chocolate on my head and it was super hot the it also landed on jade then i got mad to a point that i literally lost control of my powers and i almost lost my soul because i was using dark magic against Sandra, until jade snapped me out of suffocating Sandra just because she managed to piss me off, while i tried apologizing to her because what i did i could not stop this time but i promised her it would not happen again but she looked at me and then she said

"I know it won't happen again david it is just that jade loves you and i can not live like everything is fine when we both know we can not cause you are also in love with jade i can feel it my dear it is time for me to leave you with jade my time with you is up plus i can not have competition", 

"Sandra do not go i can change i promise just don't leave me again i can not live with out you my darling",

it was to late she was gone and i lost her again but jade just kept looking at me and she could not believe what she just saw because sandra was an actual ghost. 

In the years that followed i did not want to come to work as a defense against the arts teacher but i had to for the sake of my family so that i could send money to them and explain to them that i resurrected sandra from the dead just because i was lonely amongst the land of the living while my parents live in the realm of the fairies plus i was banished because i was different from my parents and my little sister who always looked up to me but because i was the only Vampire-Hybrid that lived amongst the fairies and there was a lot of  murders in the town that pointed to me but i never killed a living soul in my life.

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