The Academy for Vampires and Guardians

In this story there are vampires and guardians also they both live amongst the human world. Then they get recruited to go to Barahona Academy by Denise Styles who is the headmaster of the Academy.


2. Chapter 2: Jade's Point of View

As i went to go get the mail like i usually i got a letter saying that i have been accepted to go to Barahona Academy:

The Letter from Headmaster Denise Flores:

Dear Jade Thrilwall,

You are here by accepted to Barahona Academy to work on your hunger towards humans and teach you how to control your magic. When the days turn into night that's when our Ancestor's grandchild shall come and pick you up in a limo on February 29, 2014.

since i got this letter i could not believe that my family would finally meet my father's commander's grandson after all these years. 

The next day  it was the solar solstice and that's when a limo arrived and out of the limo is the grandson and he does not have an accent but he speaks perfect english but i must admit he is cute and why is it that i can not stop thinking about him since i saw is it because i am in love or is it because i am under his spell, the next thing i notice is that he has an armed guard around him at all times why is that, is he a bad person or is he important to the headmaster at Barahona Academy. As he talked to my dad about something that is important only between them but then the cute guy walked over to me and said his name is DavidJames Barahona and he said what is your name i stuttered as i said my name "is J-J-J-J-Jade Th-Th-Th-Th-Thrilwa-a-a-a-a-all" he smiled and i felt so stupid because i finally have a hot guy in front of me and i stuttered "UHUHUHUUHUHUHUHUuhuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" so mad at myself but his smile was so cute that he literally melted my heart and i could not speak anymore until my dad called me into his study that's when i answered by saying" Yes, father and i will be right up", so i began climbing up the stairs and that's when i found my father dead and i was wondering then who called me to come into my father's study then that's when David came after me then drew his sword out and came to my rescue and attacked these creatures that wanted him dead so i decided to use my powers to protect him and his armed escort from these invaders.


Chapter 3: David's Point of View

As soon as i realized that Jade was endangered because as soon as i looked up the solar eclipse was ending and i did not have much time before the sun came up and threatened her because of the vampires that walk amongst the humans and they tried to kill her but they will have to kill me before they get to her and harm her because she is the one person that can bring my humanity back into this emotionless body which is now a Vampire-Hybrid. As soon as i got up to jade's fathers study room that's when i realized that there was a vampire there standing and holding jade's father while jade stood where she was as did i but my radio kept going off because my men were under attack by my friends forces which is angel.


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