Only Time Will Tell

Chloe is a normal girl, with a normal life.
What happens when she meets him...

Only Time Will Tell


1. A Break

AN:This is for Chloe my best friend ...... lybbii

Chloe's P.O.V

I needed to go, i needed to leave I can't stay here any longer. I love my mum but I need my own place, even if I have to get extra shifts at Starbucks I will. I need to go.

Later that day...

"Mum","Mum" I called out.

"Yes honey" she replied

"Mum,I have to tell you something" I said worried about what she was going to say when I told her.

"Chloe Nicola Black are you pregnant!" my mum practically screamed at me.

"Wait,what no mum im not pregnant! I don't even have a boyfriend,I don't even go outside!" I replied shocked that she thought I was pregnant.

"Well that's true,but what is it honey" she replied sounding concerned

"Mum...I'm moving out I can't handle all of this, being treated like dirt,I-I" I started to cry

"It's okay,I understand 25 year olds probably should have moved out years ago,but I wouldn't let you, you are my baby and always will be" by this time we were both crying.

"Wait your okay with me moving out?" I said wiping my tears with my sleeve.

"Of course I am, Why wouldn't I be my little girl has to grow up sometime even though it will be hard for me but your only going to be a phone or skype call away." Wait my mum knows how to Skype me.... uhm okay then.

"Im going to go ring Aimee and see if I can move back in!" I say running to get my phone

"Wait.Aimee really,she can't even look after herself she's only 19 years old!" she said

"I'll look after her,I'll be her mama"I said in my American accent.

"Uhhhh,okay then" she said sounding a bit worried.

I run to get my phone and dial her number.

AN:This is my first fanfic so don't be hatin.....kay. I will be updating VERY soon my Internet Hobos

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