Directioner World |1D Preferences, Imagines, Free Covers, Rants and More!

Hey! Since I'm a hard core Directioner, I decided to make this book for other hard core Directioners like me :)

This book will include the following things:
1D Preferences,
1D Imagines,
1D Free Covers,
1D Rants,
1D Contests,
1D News,

And more! So you better favourite this book, and keep up to date with the latest 1D stuff. Peace!


6. ✮ Rant: Perfectionists ✮


What exactly are they?


Why, they are these people who think they are perfect. They are the best author in the world! Well, sorry to break it to you, but your not. They brag about how good they are too. Also, when you ask them a question like...


"Do you play Call Of Duty Ghosts?" ~You

"Yeah! It's so fun." ~Them

"What's your favourite game mode?" ~You

"Umm I don't know I like them all." ~Them

"What's your favourite character, then?" ~You

"I like to play as one of the ghosts. That's so fun!" ~Them


Honestly, you need to stop! There's no such thing as perfect. No one is. And there's a girl on here (who I think is a troll) says she's so populaur, so pretty, she lied about her age, spells the boys name wrong, bullies, her name is Julia and she calls her fans Julia! Well you have 3 fans and are, no offense, but a really bad writer. I mean, you got half-good plots, but you name all the main characters Julia. And you are obsessed with rocks, life omfg?


Sorry for the short rant... and sorry for not updating... and sorry if I'm being harsh.

Anyways, bye!!


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