Directioner World |1D Preferences, Imagines, Free Covers, Rants and More!

Hey! Since I'm a hard core Directioner, I decided to make this book for other hard core Directioners like me :)

This book will include the following things:
1D Preferences,
1D Imagines,
1D Free Covers,
1D Rants,
1D Contests,
1D News,

And more! So you better favourite this book, and keep up to date with the latest 1D stuff. Peace!


2. ✮Preference: Your First Date ✮


Louis: He takes you out to a wonderful restaraunt, where you are greeted by a waitress around forty. She asks for your order, and you both order the same thing. A chicken burger, cooked until crisp, with lettuce, ketchup and tomato on it. You didn't want to be formal on this date - just casual, you had said to Louis. You both had gotten a banana-strawberry smoothie to share. While eating, a girl around your age 'accidently' spills a milkshake on you. Angrily, Louis gets up. "What are you doing to my girlfriend? I can tell that was not an accident!" He says to the blonde, who is currently ranting on about how sorry she is and that it was an accident. "Are you sure? Because she's pretty darn ugly." The girl says, chuckling. Louis' eyes widened and he punches the girl square in the jaw before placing money for the food on the table, grabbing your hand, and rushing out of the place.

Niall:  Your first date was a surprise - all you know is that he had brought a picnic basket, and was driving in the forest. A couple of seconds later, he stops the car. "Princess..." he says, kissing your forehead and lifting you into his arms, bridal style. He kisses your nose and you both smile each other. Placing you down lightly, you take your surroundings in, and gasp at the sight. You are at a small clearing, with a waterfall. The sky is clear with stars in the sky. You hear the crunch of the leaves and then begin to hear Niall's sweet Irish accent. "Beautiful, isn't it? But not as beautiful as you." He says. You turn around, a grin still on your face, and you nod. You watch as he lays down a picnic blanket and basket. Both sitting there, he lays down, so you lay down to. "Look at the stars." He says, pointing to the big dipper. You grin. "They are pretty." You tell him, resting your head on his chest. "Look at the stars, and how they shine for you..." he begins to sing, and you smile, closing your eyes.

Harry:  It was currently lunch time, and Harry was driving you in his black range rover. He told you to wear a swimsuit under your clothes, so you suspected he was taking you to the beach, since it was a lovely summer day. Sure enough, you were right. "Come on, babe." Harry says, pecking your lips and helping you out of the car. The beach isn't too crowded, but isn't exactly a relaxing place either. You intertwine your fingers together, smiling. You look around the beach, and then cheer. "There's an icecream shop, Harry! Let's get some before we go swimming!" You squeal, running off to the icecream place. You watch as Harry runs behind you. When he catches up, you look at the guy sitting behind the counter. Harry hugs you from behind. The icecream 'guy' then stands up and asks you what you both would like. You tell him, "cone, with vanilla icecream dipped in chocolate," Harry tells him his order, mint chip in a cone, and then you put down the money needed. Harry grabs the money, hands it back to you, and before you can pay, he pays. You sigh. "I wanted to pay a bit babe." You said, pouting as Harry handed you your icecream. "Well, I'm sorry to make you sad, but, that's what I do." Harry said, before kissing your lips. You felt fireworks, and smiled.

Liam:  You smile, looking down at your feet, which adorn white figure skates. Looking at Liam, your boyfriend, you skate in a figure eight. "Hey babe, catch me if you can!" You shout, looking behind you for a split second. "That will be easy," he teases, skating backwards. You fake-pout, and do a puppy face. Before you can skate away, you feel his arms wrap around your waist and a kiss on your head. "Don't pout, I was only joking." He said. You grin a little. "I know, I know," you say. "I love you." You tell him, turning around to kiss him. He hugs you, and with another spark-flying kiss, you both grab hands. "Let's skate," he says, smiling. "That's what we came from," you tell him. "It would be kind of pointless if we didn't." He laughs at your wording, and then skates fast in front of you. Without a notice, he picks you up, spins you around, and kisses you, smiling into the kiss before placing your feet back on the ground.

Zayn:  "I can't believe this!" You shout, hugging Zayn. Right now, he was taking you into a Green Day concert. They were your favourite band ever, other than One Direction. "Anything for my lovely Y/N!" He says, spinning you around and giving you a peck on his lips. As you get into the concert, your eyes widen as you see that you were in the first row! You were just happy that Zayn got you these tickets, and you didn't care where you sat. "Thank you so much baby!" You tell him, giving him a passionate, long kiss. "This is only the beginning." He says, placing a finger on your lips as he guides you to the front yard. People begin to file in, so they begin to start a song called 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams', which was your favourite song by Green Day. After the concert, Zayn takes you around the stage. "Where are we going?" You ask, confused. "I got you backstage tickets, duh," he says, smiling. Your eyes widen, and you try to hide a scream as you kiss Zayn. "I love you so much." You tell him. "I love you too."


First 'chapter' if you'd like to call it that. Also, in the previous part, I forgot to give you guys an Imagine form. (Only doing clean ones, the dirtiest I'm getting is a makeout session. So dirty is qualified as 'make-out'.)

Which Boy?:

Dirty Or Clean?:

Any Specific Setting?:

Any Specific Event?:



So yup! Enjoy Directioner World! Peace out!




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