Directioner World |1D Preferences, Imagines, Free Covers, Rants and More!

Hey! Since I'm a hard core Directioner, I decided to make this book for other hard core Directioners like me :)

This book will include the following things:
1D Preferences,
1D Imagines,
1D Free Covers,
1D Rants,
1D Contests,
1D News,

And more! So you better favourite this book, and keep up to date with the latest 1D stuff. Peace!


8. ✮Contest: Character ✮


Yay! It's time for a contest!


So this is my first contest so it will probably suck. Just read this stuff to learn about everything.

What do you have to do to enter?:   Create a character! I think that would be fun, and I'd enter if I could. But I can't so... yeah.

What are the rules?: You must have these things to have a complete character.

+Full Name, from first to last

+Description of character, from looks to personality

+Family members, I'll decide what they look like

+Backstory, if they have one


+Picture of character - please include this. You may say 'awe man' but sorry...

How do you enter?: Comment all the information! For the pic, just send me a link. Or if you can't figure out how to do that, mumble to me. (Talk dirty to me... lol) And I'll probably see it. Also, to make your chances of me seeing your comment/mumble do @[CriminalCady] and that will surely help :D

What are the prizes?: You can't have a contest without a character!


So this will be the longest answer ever.

To everybody that entered, they will receive a fan and get to choose one of the following prizes. A) shoutout B) mumble C) imagine D) free cover.

If you won third place, you can choose TWO of these prizes. A) fan B) shoutout C) imagine D) free cover

If you won fourth place, you can choose THREE of these prices A) shoutout B) imagine C) free cover D) an awesome thingy that has any picture you want. If you choose this you'll find out what it is. E) a cover supply

If you won first place, well congratz! You can choose four prizes you want! Any. Thing! One of the characters will be in my new book, twooo! (:

Well... hopefully you guys will enter! Goodbye!


P.S There is no limit for this. But.. when I get enough people, find the right character e.t.c I'll publish the winners in the next chapter. Until then... bye!


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