Directioner World |1D Preferences, Imagines, Free Covers, Rants and More!

Hey! Since I'm a hard core Directioner, I decided to make this book for other hard core Directioners like me :)

This book will include the following things:
1D Preferences,
1D Imagines,
1D Free Covers,
1D Rants,
1D Contests,
1D News,

And more! So you better favourite this book, and keep up to date with the latest 1D stuff. Peace!


7. ✮ 1D Facts You Might Not Know ✮



1. When Niall met a fan, he saw her cuts and kissed it. Then he whispered, "Please stop, I love you."

2. Niall's first tweet was to Justin Bieber.

3. At the age of six, Zayn threw a television out of the window.

4. Niall says he feels like crying when fans come up and scream at him.

5. Models scare Niall because he thinks they're too perfect - he prefers a natural look.

6. Paul said he will be featured on the boys next album.

7. Zayn lost 7000 followers after he had to leave America because of the death in his family.

8. Liam said that if he could interview anyone, it would be Usher.

9. Harry likes it when girls wear his clothes.

10. Harry is a fan of the Hunger Games.

11. Louis loves it when a girl blushes.

12. Louis loves it when girls wear glasses - fake or not.

13. Louis calls his Mum most nights.

14. Harry gave a $20 bill to a homeless man in New York City.

15. Zayn used to sleep-walk when he was little.

16. Louis bought Eleanor shoes that cost around 6000 euros.

17. Harry and Louis promised to be each others best man at their weddings.

18. Liam has followed more fans in 2 hours than Harry and Zayn have in 2 years.

19. Liam likes to sleep naked, scrunched up under his covers.

20. Harry has always dreamed of playing hide and go seek with his girlfriend under the sheets.


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