The difference

A short and small girl meets a tall and muscular guy.
The difference in there height does not matter.
And never will..


2. ~chapter two~

After the ride was over there was two kids throwing up. Yet Corey was still laughing!

We got cotton candy (to share) and then we decided to play some of the carnival games.

Corey wasn't at all what I expected him to be, he was tall and muscular. Yet I thought he would be a total nerd.

We went to this football throwing game, he won.. And gave me the giant stuffed teddy bear!

I thought that was cute!

Then he said that we should go on the feris wheel.

I froze.

The what ?

"Annie ?"

"What ?!"

"Do you want to go or not ?"

"I'm well kinda , scared of those."

"Don't worry I'll be there with you"


He grabed my hand pulling me towards the ride.

We stood in line, he was still holding my hand.

We finally got on the ride, and at the top, when the ride broke down, we were stuck here alone.

It started to get really cold and I started shivering.

"Here Annie take my sweatshirt."


I slid it on and was almost instantly warm,but we were still stuck here.

"Is this why you're scared of this ride?"

"No, I'm scared it will fall"


We just sat there.

Then I heard some yell."sorry guys you're stuck there for 4 hours, we have to get our supplies."

It got dark. I watched the stars.

I looked over to see Corey starting to fall asleep, his head on the bar.



"You can lay down"

He put his head on my lap before falling asleep, and before I knew it I was asleep too.

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